Roku App

If you download the Roku app itself you can Cast your cameras to your Roku TV.

In the same vein as casting YouTube to your Roku livestreaming on Alexa Show, it would be awesome to be able to say, “Alexa (Hey Google, Siri) open bedroom camera on Roku”.
Also, opens market & helps visually impaired via utilization of large screens.

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I love my Wyze cams. I love Alexa. I love my Roku TV. I´d love to see them in a three-way :wink:


If I have my Amazon fire TV I can ask Alexa to put on my Wyze cams on the TV and will do it. So on your Roku TV load the Amazon app and try it and see if it works

What’s funny. It works with fire tv. Do I need to do a video?

See it works just fine

Too funny!

Responded initially via mobile & it posted under wrong comment

I just bought a roku ultra and would love to have the ability to bring up the cameras and take a look at them in the middle of the night or whenever to see whats going on. I’ve been sick in bed with my phone off to not interrupt my sleep and I just want to check and see whats going on out there because I may be expecting a package or someone rings the damn doorbell. It would be awful nice to not have to get up and drain what little energy I have to answer the door. The convenience would be incredible to know whether you have to bring a baseball bat or not with you if you do have to go get the door. Thank you for your effort in making this happen I hope as I’m disabled.

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I’m disable to and you can make it work on your Roku TV I have a YouTube video of it that I will provide the link all you need to do is download the Amazon app on your Roku TV and if you have Alexa just ask Alexa to bring up that camera. Or if you have Amazon fire TV or Amazon fire Stick 4K it works the same way

What? Are you saying that a Roku app enables this? I have a Roku TV, and I definitely can’t do this. The video you posted is showing the Fire TV interface. Obviously, you can buy a Fire TV Stick and view it on any TV you want. I’m pretty sure the only Amazon Roku apps are Prime Video and Amazon Music.

Correct but if you download the Amazon app it works the exact same way. Or it should

What “Amazon app”?

Just the regular Amazon app that allows you to watch Amazon prime shows

You’re saying that if I open the “Prime Video” app on Roku, and then ask Alexa to show my Wyze camera, it will do it? Let’s try.

Fail so far. What exactly do you suggest I’m supposed to say, in order to make this work? How do I route it to the Prime Video app?

I do the same thing that i did in the video I just say show me and then the name of that camera. That’s all I do I’m sorry I can’t give you any more information because I don’t have anymore. It’s just the app instead of the fire TV

I’ve never seen anyone do this, and I’ve never seen any suggestion that it’s supported. When I ask it to show me my Wyze cam, it responds “Sorry, cameras don’t work on this device. If you have a Fire TV, please link your Echo Dot with your Fire TV in the Alexa app to start using your camera.”


What should I try next? Ha.