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As cool as that sounds, that kind of functionality would have to be added by Roku first. As far as I know, Roku doesn’t have any kind of picture-in-picture functionality, or even multitasking. If you’re in the Netflix app, only Netflix can control what’s happening on your screen. Another Roku app can’t give you a popup, for example.

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I hope Wyze will add a Roku app so we can view on a tv screen! Has anyone solved the problem? What did you do? I’ve heard of people using raspberry pi and have been thing about going that route. Has anyone done this?


William “Chase” Johnson

My understanding is that it’s currently possible with a FireTV stick, but I don’t have one to test it out.

It’s supposed to be possible with a Chromecast, but people seem to have trouble getting it to work. Personally, I’ve never gotten it working with my Chromecast, although I haven’t expended a lot of energy trying to troubleshoot it.

You could also use any of various screen mirroring methods from an Android Device with Tinycam.

I have one but never use it. I’ll get it out of my car and try. What app do I get?


William “Chase” Johnson

One of what?

Fire stick


William “Chase” Johnson

Since I don’t have a FireTV Stick, I haven’t tried it. But I believe that if your camera and FireTV stick are both connected to Alexa, it’s just a matter of asking Alexa to show you the camera in question.

I’ll update everyone and see how this works out

William “Chase“ Johnson

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I would love to see this on Roku they have 3 or 4 other IP Camera apps, but none of them support this camera. ** IP Camera Viewer - Pro" cost $5.00 has a bunch of cameras in their pull down list, but not Wyze. That’s why I think it’s better for you all to have your own app. Heck I pay for an app from you all just so I can see my cameras on my 65" TCL 4K Roku TV. Please get that going.

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My Company is evaluating this Roku integration. We just need to make sure we can generate enough revenue by selling this app on the Roku Channel.
Our price point will be $9.99 for 1 camera $4.99 each additional and up to 4 cameras.
What do you guys think? all comments accepted! thanks

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To be honest, it sounds a bit steep. The camera’s are only $20, so 50% the cost of the camera to see it on Roku is more than I’d be willing to pay. I’m assuming your proposed pricing is a one time purchase, if you’re thinking of a monthly reoccurring cost…then I would politely decline to comment on what I thought. :wink:


Thanks zjed. No recurring fees one time purchase… I really appreciate your reply!

At that price… We might be better off asking the Tinycam developer, to get their app on Roku.
Works amazingly well on the fire stick! And only $3 for unlimited cams.

tinyCam dev here. It is not possible to implement Roku app at the moment for Wyze cameras at all, unless Wyze cameras will have an ability to stream via HLS/DASH (it is P2P only at the moment).

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Thanks for weighing in! Your app is 2nd to none, Alex!

Maybe wyze could do some collaboration work, with you… You’re clearly good at what you do, and not at all new to this.

I would pay 9.99$ for a one time service activation of Wyze integration on the Roku. I have a 2019 Roku Ultra, would be neat to have Wyze surveillance on the big screen!

Please continue to explore this possibility. It appears You would be the only player on the Roku market that would work Wyze.

Thanks so much for your comment!

Is there a technical limitation reason that you’d limit it to 4 cameras? Just curious.

As for feedback on your pricing – Unless you incur additional costs when a user adds additional cameras (Which I don’t think is the case – for example, you’re not needing to stream the video through your servers, right?) I think a flat cost makes more sense.

Sounds a little steep. $4.99 per camera and I’ll take four! Collaboration with Wyxe and/or TinyCam developer would be a sales magnifier.

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Once some one or WYZE can port the app over to Roku, it shouldn’t be a per camera charge to view.
If they are all on the same network, you’ll chose them from a pulldown list of see them as a quad-screen and then select a camera. Assuming you have 4.