Robotic lawn mower

Yes mower please!

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Can Wyze please release your own robot electric lawn mower like the Landroid?!?! But cheaper?! Will gladly buy!!!

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I’m a new home owner I would love to purchase a wyze mower .take my :moneybag:

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Wyze should sell a robot lawnmower. Seems like the software would be similar to the robot vacuum. Current robot mowers are about $1000.

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Wyze has done a great job at making smart home devices inexpensive, wyze vacuum is a great example I don’t seeing the wyze mower being any different.

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I don’t know why there are not more votes for a Wyze Robot Mower. After taking delivery of the Wyze Robot Vacuum can say this is a fantastic product. Why not repeat the same with a mower. Competitor dynamic is same ie expensive / sometimes flaky product.

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I love the robot vacuum and I have 2. ( Sweepie and Rosie) also have the sprinkler controller and love that how simple but advanced its features are compared to my old analog dial controller. But this got me thinking when playing and setting up sprinkler controller. Why doesn’t Wyze take the programming of vacuum and build a robot lawnmower. I would be the talk of the town and perfect Wyze sales guy for my neighborhood.

I think if you apply your simplicity of vacuum programming with robot lawnmower it would be amazing. Maybe allowing crisscross cut to give the baseball look. If you need a beta tester send it my way. Could be a large market I know many of my neighbors would be into an affordable robot lawnmower.

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Might be a nightmare. Mine vacuum gets lost in the house and has itself outside the home at times. That would not be good to have a mower running around the neighborhood. LOL

And my current robot mowers work great and have for 4+ years. Well worth the money or more.


I promise I will be the first to test, purchase, beg, borrow or steal the first WYZE Robotic Lawnmower prototype, pre-production, pre-order or production model.

As a matter of fact, I might get two(2) … one for the front yard and one for the back yard.

I mean, how hard can it be? Just slap a blade on the bottom of the existing Wyze Vacuum and you’ll have a Robotic lawnmower than mows and sucks up the cut grass.

Sitting in my recliner and mowing the yard through the Wyze app sounds like heaven to me!

Please get right on this!

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Wyze don’t let us down! sign me up to be a prototype tester for all things WYZE :laughing:

Unofrtunately, as we slowly increase the amount of smart items Wyze seems to regularly be just behind the curve. Like when we were looking to purchase an outdoor smart plug. Heard nothing about it previously from Wyze so purchased. Then a few months later they came out with their own outdoor plug. I would have preferred Wyze, but I’m not going to throw out or go through the hassle of selling what I already purchased and is new and functions perfectly, just to replace it with a comparable Wyze product, even though I’m a huge fan.

That being said it would be great if Wyze could come out with a robotic lawnmower. This is something we are in the market for in the nearish future (next year or so). I’ve been looking at them, reseraching them and I’m keeping an eye on emerging tech. I really like WorkX’s landroid, but if Kobalt and Wyze were to come out with a comporable model I’d seriously consider either of these two. If it was Wyze vs. Kobalt I can honestly say I’d likely go with the Wyze.

That being said, if this is something they really start looking into, even if I’m ready to buy I would be willing to hold off and wait to purchase from Wyze as long as they have started working on this by that time!

Some/most of them use a cable underground to limit where they can go. Pretty easy to install if you have the right tools. Current models on the market are super overpriced for what they are. Granted anything can glitch but…

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Smart robotic mower market is still open for grab. Current robots on the market is actually really dumb. They need boundary wire, can’t resume where they left off, and no straight line mowing. The only smart one is Toadi from Belgium but it is expensive and still in preorder stage. So if wyze wanna compete in that market, it can. To cut cost, they can start with boundary wire version but put in a lot of smartness that vacuum has but sell cheaper than worx or Husqvarna ones, I think people will buy.

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I want to beta test!
I have an acre, uneven ground, 50 trees, bushes, and don’t want to cut the gardens or flower beds.
73 yrs old, vastly experienced software/computer engineer/consultant.
I am a 24x7 caregiver and need more automation!

You can read this link to become a beta tester. Become a Beta Tester

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So, you could just mow the lawn intelligently, like Toadi or you could go further withsomething more, like Yardroid. Both are using vision-sensing AI methods without perimeter wire to manage lawns. They evidently can be taught to mow non-physical grass boundaries without GPS.

My issue with these are that they mow during the day. Perhaps using the Wyzecam v3 sensors and light, something similar could mow at night.

Perhaps a landroid partnership?


This would be amazing… Have been comparing models - if Wyze made one it would be my choice. For Sure!

I bought a Worx LX790 Landxcape 600. I have been having fun for the third day. Run it on 6 acres more than 10 times. Never got a good lawn. It hasn’t coped with the high and dense grass (for example, under swings, where the manual gasoline trimmer has not got through). It bumps and goes backward. Fallen apples are an insurmountable obstacle. Gets stuck. Digs up the earth with my wheels (though it hasn’t rained in a long time). If I wanted to dig in the ground, I’d buy myself a cultivator. This mower is only suitable for small and flat areas. And even then, the results are not the best.

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I imagine this robot mower is gonna have a coupla software bugs… and end up murdering yur neighbor’s pets.

It will prolly be similar to watching battlebots.

We’re in the cursory stages of looking into getting one of these. I’ve done a host of research and just waiting to finish a couple large projects in the backyard (perimeter fencing is halfway done so need to do the other half, need to build a fence for the veg garden, need to build the veg garden, and then grow some new grass in a few areas) and then we’ll definitely getting getting some version of lawn Roomba.

I would love it to be from Wyze, but with my luck, and it’s happened more than once, even though we waited for any word on if they’ll do it and when it might be out we just don’t hear anything or get any good idea on how long that wait might be, break down and make our purchase elsewhere only for Wyze to then come out with it a month or two later. I just know this is likely going to be the case with this. :sob: