Robot Vacuum

I am curious about the robot vacuum price range.

I wonder if they could integrate a LEGO sensing and containment system for it? :rofl:.

In all seriousness I’m very intrigued by this one. Any specs that can be shared yet? I’ve always thought about getting one of those roomba machines but the price was always the deciding factor.

Don’t bother with Roomba. Very functional machines are regularly under $150.

A Wyze Robot vacuum would be a great idea. It should be able to vacuum up the dirt and have a large enough bin for those less than clean areas (yes, I’m dirty). It should also have a mopping option to keep all floor types clean. As a bonus, if there would be a way for the bin to automatically empty into another larger bin – I would pay for that!

You’ll hear more from us about this soon. I won’t show all the cards. :wink:


My only thought is my past experience with Roomba. I have had two models that ultimately get destroyed after a few months due to pet hair. In particular I had a dog with fairly thin hair that were on average around 4-5 inches long. It was a constant battle to keep the moving parts free of knots and tangles. Roomba even had (has) a pet specific version.

It may just be one of those things that can never truly be solved with the smaller components in these types of vacuums.

This is certainly not to say a robot vacuum would never be useful to someone. Its mostly to say, spend a fair amount of time thinking about that specific challenge as it will always be an issue at some level and any little bit of design consideration would help.

Best of luck!

Just saw a relatively cheap one on Amazon, glad I looked here first. Gwendolyn says soon. Hopefully by end of this month.

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Well, try to be a little more patient – Gwen said it is just now in test 10 days ago. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you guys please make a $50 Roomba equivalent?