Robot Vacuum

I dont see anything about integrations with Google or Alexa. Would love to be able to tell Google Assistant to have it clean a specific room.

Hoping they publish some more detail specs soon. Weird did not have the more standard product launch video with all the engineering they did. Felt more like we slapped are name on this already made vacuum. Key questions unanswered for me is multiple floor map storage as well as filters to replace and storage volume. Standard filters work? How much can it hold?

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This might be a silly question, but via the app, do you have controls to drive/steer the vacuum out from under, let’s say, a couch?

It looks to be a literally copy of roborock, even down to the app

Some questions answered in the announcement thread:

Hey Gwen just curious since this seem to be based on the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P will Wyze be releasing the mopping attachments for it in the future such as the water tank and the scrubbing pad like the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P has? I have watched some reviews and it seems to clean pretty good.

This is just my opinion but I did some digging and this seems to be what the Wyze Vac is based on. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

we just bought a Roomba 960 a few weeks ago…it’s OK, but didn’t realize how important a self-emptying feature “could” be (assuming it works well), which my Roomba doesn’t have

i’d be more likely to seriously consider this Wyze robo-vac if it self-emptied, or if the feature could be added in the near future

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Can we get one with a camera mounted on it?

The Robot Vacuum looks great! But it 1000% needs a base with automatic dirt disposal.

I have one of those $700 robot vacuums which I’m sure WYZE is going to outperform–but I run that thing so often that the automatic dirt disposal the base is a HUGE benefit. That’s the point of a robot vacuum…you run it more frequently. And with the dirt bin being small, it fills up quick! So Auto Dirt Disposal is a must IMO…

I would switch immediately if the base had this feature! Make it happen WYZE!!!



I received an email about the Wyze Vacuum today, and I am really excited to try one out! One feature that I would love to see is a charging dock that allows the Wyze Vacuum to empty its dust bin. I have attached a picture of Roomba’s “Clean Base” which provides the functionality I am describing. I think that a lot of consumers would find this useful and would be willing to be $100 - $200 for the charging dock.

Thanks in advance for the consideratin,

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That sad 2.7 / 5 rating (though low sampling) is in line with the anecdotes that it just doesn’t work and is not worth the extra expense.

We have the iRobot with the auto dirt disposal. That feature on the home base is a HUGE PLUS… I won’t be buying the Wyze Vacuum without a dirt disposal base. I would buy it immediately if it did have a base like this.

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I am in the exact same boat! I would buy this IMMEDIATELY if there was a base with automatic dirt disposal.


Lets remember that this is their 1st robot vacuum guys. It took Roomba years to develop the self empty bin idea. Maybe next the gen will have this though, also the more support they get from this one the quicker they can bring out the next model with updated features.

The self-emptying bin would be a huge plus for me as well, however, while I am primarily holding off on some form of a Wyze Hub, I need to know how this vacuum is going to perform with pet hair. My current Vac (ecovacs w/ LIDAR) does normally a great job, EXCEPT when the dog is shedding and the hair gets caught on the guard over the beater bar. The dog hair accumulates on the two metal bars and then block all other dust going into the bin. Even on normal cleanings the pet hair can clog the entry into the dust bin and keep it from cleaning. I hope some of the beta testers had serious Lab hair to contend with and gave feedback on this.


Did not see this coming. I hope Wyze can support their ever growing line of products. Their customer service is going to be all over the place as more products are released.

Glad there is now a good cheaper contender to the robot vac market. Current makers have the cool featured versions locked away mostly only to very expensive models. Wyze did everything right with this but it needs a dust bin for auto emptying and preferably one where I am not forced to buy expensive proprietary bags to be able to use it.

I received mine today and am excited to use. One feature I definitely want to request is ability to define rooms from mapped floor plan. It mapped the whole floor as a single room. and I am not able to find any way in the app to clean a specific area. It is trying to clean the whole house. Only thing I could do is to add a virtual wall to block a part of the home.


This is available (with some limitations) in the beta firmware. Even with the limitations, it makes it much more usable for me since most of my home was also created as a single room by default.