Robot Vacuum

I’ve been looking into robot vacuum for years now but the majority of them are extremely expensive. This past Prime day I got one under $200 and gave it a spin. I would say it was a great investment, so I think the Wyze team can definitely make a great and affordable robot Vacuum!
The Vacuum I have is great but lacks a few features. It seems like the robot doesn’t remember where its been (makes it difficult to return to the charge dock). So that would be something to make sure it has. More expensive vacuums map your house as it’s traveling around and gives you a blueprint style imagine of your house. This is great since you can specify specific locations to deep clean, or even avoid. And of course edge detection so it doesn’t fall off any stairs.

A Wyze robot vacuum… I would totally buy it, and I do not think it will be a crazy thing for them to make after all there is a bathroom scale in the works LOL. I would recommend them to research into using a Lidar based navigation for the robot such a the Neato bot vac or like the Roborock smart robo vacuums. They could also research into camera navigation like what the High end irobot Roombas use but Im not entirely sure about a camera for navigation to actual measurements from a Lidar. A great price for a smart navigating robot vacuum that maps the house would be in my opinion is anything below $550 I also think there should be multiple models at different price ranges so that they can dominate the market from all price points because right now the Roomba s9 is about $1,100 which is way more than I would be willing to spend. They could also make it self empty which would be great for some people but I like to personally empty the bot so I can see what it picks up.


We have 3 Roombas. Between three ladies in the house with long hair and two cats, one of which has longer fur himself, that’s a lot of hair/fur. Not to mention the kids track stuff into the house all the time. They have made keeping the house tidy a lot less of a chore.

I would love to see what Wyze could do in both bringing down the price, The current downside of the models we have is that they wander aimlessly, and don’t self empty. I know there are better models of the Roomba that fix these problems to some extent, but the price tag on them isn’t something I can justify, definitely not 3 of them!

We would eagerly welcome this addition to the Wyze product line!

If you want a Robot Vacuum that’s not too expensive and has certain features that make your cleaning easy there are plenty of options in the market with Best Robot Vacuum under 200.

My Neato botvac connected rocks. It was expensive because I bought it when it first came out but I love having it vacuum my Theater and I’m not home or I can vacuum it while I’m doing other things and get it ready for football Saturdays or movie night whatever. it’s awesome!

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