Robot Vacuum setup on iPhone - what password is used for the WYZE network it created?

In the setup for the Vacuum, it created a WYZE-xxx network. Now it is asking for a password - I tried my password for my home network and I tried my password for my WYZE account and neither works. What password is it asking for?

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You need to use the Wyze App to set up and follow those directions. The only password you’ll enter is your Home Network. Make sure your smartphone is connected to your 2.4Ghz network and not your 5Ghz network. You’re going to connect to your Home Network first, Once connected it’ll then tell you to connect to the Wyze Vacuum Network. It shouldn’t be asking for a password on the vacuum wifi it’s self. It can be a little confusing to setup, so pay attention.

Thanks, we finally got it to connect. My wife was trying to connect to the wrong network! Got it done, mapped the big family room and let the robot go to work. Carpet looks a whole lot better now but the dog isn’t sure what to make of it.

Still unable to Connect to my Network (2.4). This shouldn’t be this difficult unless Wyze is using cheap parts to save money. I have never had this much trouble to connect ANYTHING in my home… and my home is a full smart home. Terrible experience. Packing it up to go back.

The included instructions are not helpful and according to the successful directions above by JBDragon… misleading and incorrect. I have wasted hours and hours on this fools errand to connect to my network.

Really, misleading and Incorrect instructions, Not Helpful? Again who is having problems, and whos is working just fine? Mine works just fine. My Instructions were correct. You look like the fool you are. How is that!

I’m the one with a Smart Home. I’m the one with a wired Cat6 Home, going into a 48 port managed Switch. I’m the one with the Wyze Vacuum working just fine on my iPhone and iPad. Mapping things out. Setting up Room names and Virtual Barriers. But you continue in life with your arrogance. Blame everyone else except yourself.