Robot Vacuum parts

Has anyone purchased the replacement parts for the robot vacuum or have they yet to “launch”? I am remiss to buy a vacuum that has no replacement parts….

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6 purchased Naudlife brushes on Amazon.
They fit.

NAUDILIFE 7pcs/set Side Main Roll…

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Ah. Ok. This particular pack seems to long be sold. But good to know. Mostly I am wondering if Wyze has ever sold them or if they are just on the website. I’d love a reliable source for parts. When I company is selling a product that typically needs parts - but isn’t selling the parts - it makes me suspicious.

Congestion at seaports appears to be the issue here. It took so long for the first shipment to arrive that it sold out very quickly. Now they need to get replacements in.

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I got in on the preorder from the Wyze website and received them 3 months ago:


Anyone know the part or model number to use when looking for replacements? Our side brush has worn down and went missing. Machine does a half @$$ job without it and prefer not to wait for Wyze to get a new shipment in.

There are several possible kits shown in the Roadmap item:


This is what fits our Wyze robot vacuum. I have it and everything is identical (except for a piece of foam inside the Wyze HEPA filter that is missing from this kit)

Varadyle Side Brush HEPA Filter Main Brush for Mijia STYJ02YM for Conga 3490 for Viomi V2 PRO V-RVCLM21B Vacuum Spare Part

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