Robot Vacuum parts - NO answers

I’ve had my vacuum for over 7 months now. I find it ridiculous that I get warnings in the app that I am approaching the time to replace parts but, THERE ARE NO PARTS! There are more new vacuums of course! and the new vacuum choices have filters and parts available but not the most expensive Robot Vacuum. Chat with support and you just go round and round about they don’t have them on the website but can order them if I have a problem or malfunction. They will not tell you why they don’t have them to order. How can I recommend this vacuum to friends when I can’t assure their replacement parts are available from their website. All I want is an explanation of why these parts so difficult to get and when will they be available. Stop warning me in the app with an option to “purchase” replacements only to be taken to the general shopping page.

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We’re super sorry about that! The parts were supposed to be here earlier and then last month. Right now, there has been a delay with the boat docking but we are getting closer. We are aiming to have them for sale this month and we apologize for the delay, confusion, and app experience.