Robot Vacuum - Non-Bristle roller for easier hair removal

I really wish there was a better brush for the robot vacuum. My old roomba had rubber rollers and removal of hair from both the middle and ends of the brush was very easy. I struggle every single time removing my long hair from the bristle brush of the wyze and cannot remove the hair from the ends.

I would love an brush that was easier to remove hair from.

This is the only thing that I liked better about the Shark. The brush was I think silicone? not sure but it did not collect hair like this one.

Yes, the iRobot brushes were very nice, they had like a rubber outside with foam in the middle and hair slid right off. I know the dual brush design is patented by iRobot so that can’t happen unfortunately but I’m not sure about the rubber brushes. The little tool included on the Wyze vac is super handy but not as good as a rubber roller.

Another thing is the ends of the brush should be removable, like iRobot, becaue hair is nearly impossible to remove from that little crack on the ends.

Yes please for a better brush bar that doesn’t get tangled by long hair.

We used to have a Dyson Animal vacuum that cleaned well, but the brush bar would get completely encased by hair from our wooly husky (and my wife) - we would have to cut this off the brush bar after every use.

We replaced it with a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum and it has a bristle brush bar, but the bristles are recessed slightly into the bar. Somehow this keeps the brush bar from gathering tons of hair. It’s not 100% immune - still a few long hairs get tangled, but we’re only removing and cleaning the bar a few times a year as opposed to every use. There is a compromise - it does not clean as well as the Dyson did. Anyway, I wanted to point this out that the solution could have bristles - just designed properly.

I have the same problem with the standard brush, lots of human/dog hair gets wrapped around the bristles, I have to use scissors to cut the hair off after each cleaning.

I wish they have a rubber one like below. I actually bought this, but it doesn’t fit the Wyze vacuum. I took the robber piece off and put it on the wyze roller rod after cutting off the bristles. It fits but its not long enough to reach to floor.

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Tangle-free roller brush for RoboVacuum

My RoboVacuum stops cleaning well after about 2 months of usage. The problem is that the roller brush becomes completely entangled with pet hair. It takes about an hour to clean it. A tangle-free roller would be a nice improvement.

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For sure. (Vote for your own wishlist item.)

This has been desperately requested several times. Really a must-have for any families with any kind of hair.


This is a limitation of the brush roller design and it also happens with my Dyson V8.

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I’d love to see the robo vacuum have a better brush and replacement brushes be easier to purchase. I have two German shepherd dogs and I myself have long hair and the brush on the vacuum can’t even vacuum up one room with little dog hair without the whole vacuum clogging up and just pushing the hair around the room. Other brands use a rubber non bristle type roller which works way better to collect hair.

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