Robot Vacuum Mop

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I’ve heard a similar message a time or two on my robot, but not lately.

This is what I heard, “2 in 1 dust compartment with water tank has been removed. Do not rinse it, or immerse it in water.”

Normally it says, “Dust compartment has been removed”

This is a bug in the FW that was supposed to have been fixed with an update. Is your vacuum firmware up to date?

That very well could have been what it said, I was pretty surprised to hear it say anything at that point… Firmware says up to date at 1.6.97


If you look at the bottom of your vacuums it looks like there maybe a future mop option. Looks to have mounting slots for something already.

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@WyzeGwendolyn can you give us any info on this? I am also on ver 1.6.97 and have heard prompts for the 2 in 1 dustbin and mop
Very eager to hear if this “easter egg” let the cat out of the bag a bit early :grin:

A robot mop would work very nicely with the vacuum!

I don’t want to get any ones hopes up but… when I set up mine for the first time there was an error that kept saying attach and fill water bin… so that was a thought some where in the process. I hope they keep with the idea. Up dated my firmware and ever Hurd it again to

Yesss i need this option in my life

Yeah! There are some latest vacuums present in market with this robotic technology. But the vacuum I am using is not that one.