Robot Vacuum Mop

A robot mop would be amazing! One that really mops and removes stains. There are tons of good robot vacuums on the market but I have been searching for sometime now for a good scrubbing robot mop something similar to the discontinued Irobot Scooba series and not just a robot vacuum with a damp swiffer pad attachment. There aren’t really any good options out on the market. Irobot use to have the Scooba but discontinued it for the pad pushing Braava Jet. I would pay good money for a good real robot mop.

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Need an automated mop like your vacuum cleaner I so would buy one I had an I Robot mop and it sucked I returned it

I find it fascinating that the Wyze hardware seems to be identical to the Xiaomi Vacuum-Mop P. I see that the slots for the mop attachment and the holes for the water discharge and contacts for the water tank are all present in the Wyze Vacuum. I would love it if Wyze would sell an upgrade to allow the Vacuum to mop my tile and wood floors. Wyze could sell the mop, water tank and an upgraded version of the firmware to add mopping to the existing product.

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Would also be really interested in a robot mop to pair with my robot vacuum

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Agreed! I have an old old iRobot Scuba and the thing was an incredible idea.

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Ok, so it’s happening again. It ran perfectly fine this morning and now it’s back to charging (pulsing orange) and it says disconnected from internet again.


I would really like to see a robot mop companion for the vacuum. Wyze make this happen!!


I’m in for a mop conversion kit for the existing robo vac! Would purchase in a heartbeat. That being said, I would not be able to shell out for a completely new robo mop itself.

I would love a Wyze Robot Moo!
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I would love to see a Wyze Mop Robot to go along with my Wyze Vacuum Robot. Just like iRobot has the Braava Jet. Not sure how much of a modification would be needed to the vac design to end up with a mop version but I would scoop that product up as soon as it was available.

Love the Vac guys!

Another vote for a Robomop to go with my Wyze Robovac