Robot vacuum loses internet connection

I had the same issue for an hour. It looks like it’s able to connect again. Hopefully your problems are solved as well.

Tried again for the hell of it and it connected. Decided to let it start mapping and cleaning for the first time.

Fingers crossed

I lost connection and did not get restored. Hope I don’t need to reset which will cause the map to be lost as it took me many attempts to get near accurate map.

I would say give it time.

They made changes to the back end related to both the Lock and the Vacuum. My guess is that they just implemented those changes and that that caused the interruption.
Correction: apparently there was an AWS issue that caused the interruption, but it should be resolved now.

You should be fine with the latest version of the Wyze App. If you don’t have the latest version, the Lock and the Vacuum will no longer be ‘smart’:

Aaaaaaaand Ezmerelda is back online.

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For everyone with connection issue or dropping connection. Make sure your channel isn’t set to auto as that will cause issues. Use channel 6 or 11 to avoid overlap.

If the vacuum disconnects, you do not need to delete the vacuum and start over. Just setup a new device (vacuum) and follow the prompts. Once it connects name it the same and I will see your existing one and keep all your data (mapping, schedules, etc)

Hope this helps.

Read my comment in this thread.

This was a server issue. If you’ve had no issues with your device leading up to tonight’s AWS outage I wouldn’t not suggest reseting your device. The old saying “don’t try to fix it, if you don’t have a problem”.

Only as a last resort. And no others are having the same issue.

I was referring to users prior to the outage. :wink:

Adding the device once again did the trick. It retained the maps(made sure to name it same when I re added it).

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Trying a return and replace on my unit as we have been unable to resolve the issue. I had 3 support tickets open with no response in weeks. Finally got to a very helpful Wyze Wizard on the support phone line. Highly recommend persevering through the phone queue wait times if there is no response to email tickets!

Yup- think my poor little robot had a malfunction. Received a replacement today. The new little guy is doing a great job, and has not lost internet connection even once! Great customer service from Wyze once I got to someone on the phone!

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Just an FYI. I was in the process of following your instructions, but I could never see the wifi signal from the vacuum after I reset it. So, I decided to turn the vacuum off, by removing it from the charging station and pressing the button on top. I then turned the vacuum back on, and son-of-a-gun, it reconnected to my home wifi.

I am going to try this. My vacuum disconnects about once or twice a week and so far I do the resetting thing over and over until it finally resets but I can never get passed that same step in resetting up. If it is as easy as turning it off and removing from the dock I’ll be dancing a jig!