Robot Vacuum has tough time on this carpet

In one hallway, the vac goes crazy along the edge of this runner carpet. It tries to veer to the right and climb the baseboard; reverses, loops again and again.
A week or so ago, it tried this hallway and misjudged distance by about 5 feet. Twice. Had to dump that map.
Video – Dropbox - 2021-0204.MOV - Simplify your life
Tried and failed to get this to support.

If you’re on one floor try disabling the cliff sensor with tape, foil, etc. There are a few threads about it.

Unfortunately we can’t do that, we have step-down into living room …
And it seems to be doing the opposite of avoiding the edge, it wants to literally climb the wall !
I should clarify – in the video, the upper dark streak is the baseboard on the wall. Sorry for the poor lighting.

Sorry about your troubles. I have a similar but slightly more traditional oriental rug runner in my hallway and have no issues, so it seems to be your particular rug pattern. I’d submit the log and a close-up of the pattern if you want to be helpful, but since a fix will require a SW or HW change I’m afraid you’re out of luck other than making a no-go zone around the problem area. I did that for another rug with fringe that tended to get eaten.

see also this thread –

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