Robot vacuum early adapters

I was an early backer for the robot vacuum and I seem to be unable to receive my reward (a v3 camera) since they were back ordered. Now I see that they are not back ordered anymore but they closed my ticket and no word or msg as to when they will honor the early backer program. Any ideas as to how to correct this?

I am an early backer for the vacuum as well. I received an email yesterday (or very early this morning) about that. They said if you signed up for a v3, they will automatically send the camera to you and no other action is needed on your part. The coupon code that they sent will be cancelled.


I am in the same situation. I also noticed they have them in stock so got on here to see how to get mine. I didn’t receive and email. Can you update if/when you receive your v3

I’m an early backer. I just want someone to help my wife set up different areas of the house. Is there any “quick start” guide. I want her to do this on her own!

Three months later and still no word on when Wyze will be honoring the early adopter program and send out the V3 cameras to us. Has anyone gotten one?


I have not heard anything on the V3 cameras for early adopters.

You are not alone. I’ve notified support numerous times to no avail.

I received mine about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Good for you!
That’s what I was originally told…that they were waiting until back in stock to distribute to reward people. My last I query was when I got the Emil that camv3 was available to everyone. Except me, apparently. I have faith. I love my wyze products (even though there are some issues) but I REALLY believe in following through on promises. I hope Wyze does too. It’s what’s good for business!

Completely agree. They’ve always done the right thing for the couple issues that I’ve had. In your orders do you see the order? Mine shows order on 3/4 and for $0.00. And I was able to track it.

I hope it works out for you!

I’m in the exact same boat. No response from customer service.

You sound like me, Susan. I love Wyze products. But i have written and got no response as to why my camv3 is not being sent for being an early vacuum adopter. JP

April 14

You sound like me, Susan. I love Wyze products. But i have written and got no response as to why my camv3 is not being sent for being an early vacuum adopter. JP

Visit Topic There is hope! I had Beepsie from Wyze reach out to me and she put the order in manually.

I received it in 4 days! Currently sitting on my windowsill.

After numerous emails to customer support i was told on 3/22 that they were currently processing and shipping my cam v3 and i would be receiving an email soon regarding its ship date.
It should come as no surprise that i am still waiting for that email. Can someone from wyze define soon?? Is 20+ days considered soon?
I ordered in november so is half a year of waiting considered being impaitent?
Lol what a joke

Same situation here. I’ve emailed multiple times only to be told it will come soon. Or I’ll get an email letting me know when it will be sent. So far nothing and now I get radio silence from customer support. If you open a ticket they send a canned response and close the ticket. Pretty poor customer service if you ask me.

Just called 206 339-9646 and spoke with customer service the woman stated they were aware of my previous emails and saw that i was told by elycon on 3/17 that it would ship, but there was a shipping delay. Lol
She said they would send 1 out to me asap. Im thinking asap = 30-45 days from now. Lol

I am still waiting for my v3 camera that was a promotion for early adopters that purchased the robot vacuum. Please send it out soon

I think that our unshipped CamV3s are a result of the current chip shortage. (Then again, i am an optimist.) I do fault them for not being more proactive in customer relations.

I reached out to customer service again a few weeks ago. This time they finally shippped my camera!