Robot vacuum brush motor pulsing

I finally figured how to use the tags to get this question in the right place! I have used my robot vacuum several months now and it has performed well except for one possible flaw. When the vacuum is on carpet, in addition to the normal vacuum sounds, I hear the pulsing of a motor in the vacuum. Approximately one second on, one second off continuously while the vacuum is on my low carpet or even very low area rugs. I can only guess that it is the brush motor, possibly overloading and cycling. Does anyone else notice this? I emailed Wyze support with a video and sound. Their only response was that it was “normal.” I have checked the brush and cleaned it with no improvement. I should note that this sound only occurs on carpet.

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Mine does this too

I am glad to see your comment. But are we the only two who have noticed this? If so, how can it be “normal” as Wyze has responded to me?

My robot vac does this also and only on carpeting, not hardwood floors or rugs. That makes 3 of us, so there have to be more.

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Same thing here, didn’t notice until I moved into a place with high pile carpet. Given their response I’d speculate this is some kind of power saving measure or hardware limitation. Maybe using the roller half the time allowed them to make a better battery life claim. It’s only noticeable when the brush roller makes enough noise, so right after cleaning the roller it’s difficult hear.

That’s the noise, though it’s not quite as pronounced in my case. My vac has just over 840 minutes of cleaning time, I started hearing it around 720.

I came here just to see what this noise was. I just got my robot vac for our upstairs (one room, very thick carpet). I’ve had lots of robots and I have never heard one work this way. I’m still trying to decide if I should keep it or not as I didn’t realize it didn’t support multiple floors when I got it. I’ve been using a Neato D7 that died and an iRobot S7. After having the S7 for a bit, I wouldn’t get another VSLAM robot. It’s soooo much slower to clean a room than the lidar robots. Both of these supported multiple floors so I didn’t even check to if the Wyze one did or not.