Robot Vacuum Backer Award

Has anyone gotten their v3 camera if you selected it for being a robot vac backer? I got an email a few weeks back that they’re starting to ship, but haven’t gotten any notices since then.

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Nope. I keep checking every day on this forum to see if there’s any updates. I was hoping the weekly report from Jimmy would give an indication. Nope. Nada.

Check out this topics for updates @zpayne10

Nope. Still waiting. Tic Toc

I got a email saying mine has shipped.

I received an email as well. Supposed to be here by the 9th.

Funny, I also received an email. Says it’ll be here tomorrow…we shall see…

Has everyone received their gift and/or tracking email yet?

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I’ve had my reward for some time now. I chose a V3 camera, so had to wait for them to be in stock.


I received my Vacuum on Jan 8 and received my gift on Jan 24… because I chose a gift that was in stock.

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