RobinCam 2021

RobinCam 2021 is up and running. :smiley:
There are 3 eggs in the nest. Let’s hope things go better this year. This nest is about 3 feet above the ground in a crevasse in large silver maple in my front yard. I noticed it while mowing the lawn yesterday. I just needed to move a WCO already mounted in the tree.

Last year, there was a nest in a flowering crab apple tree. But a couple of days after the 3rd egg was laid, the started to disappear and the nest was abandoned.


I was going to put one on a nest I have near a gutter but it’s about 25 ft up and very hard to position a camera for. So instead I might focus on the Cardinals that are attempting to build a nest in a tree by my front door :slight_smile:


Momma Robin thinks Mr. Squirrel needs to move along. :rofl:


:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Lol… Judo Chop!

Wrong Species but “Finch slapped” would have been funny too.


That’s a good one there. Don’t mess with mama! :sweat_smile:


once I got my first belt in judo I said that to someone jokingly and my sensei overheard it…he was less than impressed…I got thrown…hard.

I learned that lesson lol thanks a lot mike meyers

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Three chicks hatched on Thursday and yesterday I saw they were covered in fuzz/feathers. Here is a video of them getting fed and momma Robin doing a little house cleaning.


Final Update: Tragedy struck early this morning in the form of a raccoon. Poor little chicks never had a chance. Momma returned about an hour later, but it was too late. There were no survivors. :disappointed_relieved:

Nature is tough. My Turkey friend at the golf course had 14 chicks with her 12 days ago, now she only has two left. I saw a crazy fox catch 4 of the chicks last Thursday morning even as the mom was beating the fox with her wings.

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