RIP: Off-line recording

The team says that this sounds like a bug that we had on previous firmware but this should not be the case now. @kyphos and @Newshound, have you tested this on the firmware that you’re currently running? If this is still a problem, could you please confirm what firmware version you are using for me?

You could turn the camera off from the app.

The V2 is on

Alright, could you please try this and then send in a log through Account > Report an Issue > Help & Feedback and let me know the ticket number you receive in a reply email?

Copy that.

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I also am using FYI, here is a write-up of how I found it to work 2 weeks ago:

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Thank you, Newshound!

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Maybe some of that authorization (if that is what it is) could be done with a local token to allow any security concerns to be addressed while also allowing completely offline use like @kyphos and other users like them need.

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As requested: Ticket 262838.

Camera was configured for local recording (events only) to SDcard.
Camera was configured NOT to record to cloud.

At 4:15pm, camera booted up, and connected to WiFi.
iPhone was connected to the same WiFi. The iPhone could ping the camera (@ Even though they were on the same subnet, the app could not connect to the camera. Error 27.

As far as I can tell, nothing was recorded to the SDcard, despite lots of motion right in front of it.

As per the subject of this thread, this test was performed with no internet connection. To be clear, the camera was connected to WiFi, but the WiFi router was off the grid, with no internet connection.


Could you please try this with continuous recording instead of recording on event? Recording on event is tied to the motion detection settings so if you have that turned off you would not record locally.

Sorry for my delay!

Can do - but note that there was lots of motion occurring right in front of the camera. Local recording to micro SD card is set to on, with Record Events only selected.

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Did you have motion detection turned off? That’s the cloud one but ALSO is the setting for when the camera would consider something an Event. So if you turn it off, it basically has a sensitivity of zero and wouldn’t be expected to record events.

Motion detection was turned off (under Event Recording/ Detects Motion). In Off-line recording (i.e., in environments where there is no internet connection, it’s not possible for the camera to send 12-second Events to the cloud.

According to the User Guide, the Record Events to SDcard feature is INDEPENDENT of the 12-second alert videos sent to the cloud. The User Guide says quite explicitly that “if you have motion detection turned off, you will still have clips saved to your microSD card when motion events occur”. That is in direct contradiction to your explanation.

So I’m totally confused about how recording to SDcard is supposed to work.

Here’s the section from the User Guide explaining MicroSD Card recording:

When you select Record events only, the camera will only record video if motion is detected.

How it works: The camera breaks the video feed into 1-minute increments. If motion is detected at any point within a 1-minute increment, that 1-minute increment is recorded to the microSD card. This means that the camera will record continuously when there is motion, and will not record when there is no motion detected.

Note that this is independent of the 12-second alert videos that are captured and stored on the cloud for 14 days based on the camera’s motion detection settings. The 12-second alert videos have a 5-minute cooldown period, so when there is constant motion the camera will record a 12-second alert video every 5 minutes and save that video to the cloud for 14 days. With a microSD card installed and set to Record events only, the camera will save video to the microSD card as long as motion is detected.

  • Note: Alert Settings do not impact the Record events only setting. For example, if you have motion detection turned off, you will still have clips saved to your microSD card when motion events occur.

We need to clarify that part and I’ll talk to the team about that. The microSD card recordings rely on the sensitivity settings from the motion detection setting but are not held to the same cooldown. During the cooldown you can still record to the microSD card. Could you please try this test with the motion detection turned on to your desired event recording sensitivity?

I read once that event recording to the SD card is now fixed at a 100% sensitivity setting. Is that no longer true?

I’ll verify! I think that the motion detection needs to be turned on but that recording events only is at 100%.

Just to clarify: you want me to turn on Event Recording/Detects Motion which will enable the recording of 12-second clips to the WyzeCloud, even though the camera has no internet connectivity? Needless to say, the camera will be unable to transmit any 12-second clips to the WyzeCloud. Will the absence of internet connectivity not make the camera unhappy, generate errors in the log, produce negative karma?

I will try the test you’ve asked for, but at the moment the camera is in a rather inaccessible location (it’s on a ‘special mission’). When its assignment is over, I will reconfigure it as you requested and see what gets recorded to the SDcard.

I’m not quite sure what the problem is and I’m not reading through all the comments.
But “Off-Line recording” is not dead.
I just turned my wifi OFF and went out to make a video. Then after a minute passed I turned the camera OFF and pulled the SD card.
(I hope you appreciate the work. It’s 112º outside right now.)

Brought the SD card inside to read it from my computer.
The video was there and it did record off-line with no wifi.
If course the Wyze App won’t work because you have no wifi to view videos from the cloud, but I can assure you the camera kept recording without wifi.

If your camera is properly set up to record videos on the SD card it will record without wifi.
You’ll just have to pull the card to see the videos.

Without a wifi connection the videos cannot make it up to the internet cloud.

It might be helpful to read all the comments.
Unplug your camera.
Take it far away, somewhere where there is no WiFi (and no internet). IE, off-line. And hopefully where it’s not 112F:-)
Power it up, perhaps using a USB power pack.
Leave it a while, letting it record video to the SDcard (or so you think).
Disconnect the power. Take it back home. Pull the SDcard and see if anything was recorded while it was off-line. I’m betting there won’t be.

In the scenario that you described, you turned your WiFi off, but the camera was still powered it, and still thought it was registered to the Wyze servers. That’s why it recorded when you went out to make a video.

If you want to catch up quickly, response 74 shows how the camera currently works (particularly item 2).

For you, no problem. You had Internet when you started your camera. Beyond that the SD card will record, no problem.

@Kyphos however is truly off-line. No Internet to start up the camera.

Needing Internet to start up the camera also affects people who put the camera in vacation homes that have no Internet. They start up the camera using a hotspot before they leave. Power goes off, SD card recording comes to a halt, even if the camera powers back up.