Rhythmic thumping noise (phantom)

I have a wyze cam v2 in a room of my house. Very often there is a rhythmic thumping noise, but its not coming from within the room. I keep the phone on my bed monitoring the camera all night to listen for my daughter to awake/cry, and I’ve been trying to isolate the noise. Its not the ceiling fan. Its not the air vents with the units running. Its literally nothing, and not able to be heard within the room itself.
Video/recording of noise
It comes and goes, its not constant

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It’s faint, but I can hear it on your recording. Maybe it’s some sort of interference? Those kinds of things are tough to diagnose. One suggestion I can think of is to try a different USB power adapter. I say this because I had a bluetooth amp that had a background noise when plugged in, but not when running on a battery pack, so it was power related in my case. Switching to a different/better USB adapter got rid of most of the noise.

Worth a shot, its on a pretty long cable so not anywhere near the plug but I’ll try it

The cable may be fine, I meant the actual plug in USB wall adapter. The one I was using on the Bluetooth speaker I mentioned must have had a noisy power signal and caused the noise through the amplifier.

Changed the power supply, no change to phantom noise though. Probably start looking for different brand tomorrow…

I can barely hear it, so no idea

Does the sound continue if you have the camera mounted differently? As in, is the hard mount picking up the vibrations of something else, through the house framing? Like an AC unit, ceiling fan, etc. A bit of a reach, but certainly worth checking.

I am having something similar happen on a v3 - YouTube

I’m having this same issue on a V3 as well. Like someone is pounding a fist on the table.

Turn up volume. Just installed new v3. It is in the garage looking out over my squirrel feeding area trying to catch whoever is shooting my squirrels - I live in town. Is this the noise you all are hearing -

Yes…that’s the sound I am hearing as well. I also get some random thumps too along with this same sound. Did all the troubleshooting with Wyze and it nothing fixed it. Hoping someone has found a solution. Wyze replaced the camera and we need to install that replacement. Hoping it doesn’t make these sounds.

Ignore the video resolution, it got lost in the transfer from the app to my laptop and then from being converted. The camera is clear just like yours in live view.

Same here. Got one v3 cam last year and it has no such issue. However, the new one bought last week exhibits this thump noise. Very annoying.

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I have the same issue. Trouble shot it with Wyze and replaced the camera but the noise is still there. I’ve been living with it. Need a solution.

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To those that have the issue: If you switch a camera that doesn’t have the issue with one that does, does that fix it for the original and break it for the good one, or does it follow the camera?

In my case, the problems stays with the camera. After a lot of troubleshooting with Wyze, we were sent a replacement V3 camera under warranty. The new camera did not, and still does not, have the noise. This tells me it’s withing their camera and not the cables or location of the camera.

However, I purchased the original camera as a two pack and sure enough BOTH of those camera’s have the same noise (thumps and grinding sounds) issues. Only the newer replacement camera does not. So, I’m thinking they had a bad batch of cameras at some point.