Returning to Event List takes you to last played event if still available.

Scenario #1: there are quite a few recordings in the Event list, let’s say 6 recordings in each hour and there are 6 hours of recordings (total = 36 recordings in the list). I play one from hour 3 (the middle of the list). Once I’ve played it, when I arrow back to the list it drops me at the most recent recording (the top of the list). So I have to scroll back down to the middle and find my last played in order to play my next recording. Expected Result would be to drop me back to the last place I was at in the list (in this case drop me back in the middle and highlighting the one that I just played).

Scenario #2: The last time I was in the Event List I had deleted some or all of the recordings. The next time I go into the Event List, since my last played recording is no longer available, then take me to the top of the most recent recordings.

Fix scroll issue when reviewing current day’s events

I stopped reviewing any current day events until they fix the issue of forcing me to re-scroll back to where I left off from the top of the list. I am now only looking at yesterday’s activity since it is always fine when on that day. Now I have to scroll down to midnight the day before and I only get to see my videos until the end of yesterday, missing all of the early nighttime events and subsequent morning’s. I counted today to see how many scrolls needed to get to midnight the day before - 69 OF THEM !!! Can you imagine after viewing a few videos having to scroll back down 69 times ti get back to where you left off?
I also am not untagging most of my false positive triggers for person and stationary vehicles anymore. I can undo the false pets as there are not too many of those. I am no longer watching any corrected videos for more than a few seconds to see if any insects are in them anymore. It is getting to the point where I may not renew my subscriptions when they due.
I think they should compensate us for setting their AI straight. Maybe if for every 100 submissions we get one days extension on our subscriptions? That way if it really affects their bottom line $ “maybe” they’ll start putting resources to where it’s needed.

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I could not reproduce this issue.

When I scroll down through the long list of events on Android, and choose an Event to view that is some 50 to 60 events down the list, the event plays.

When I select the down carrot in the upper left or use the Android Swipe Left - Back a Page feature, it returns me to the exact point where I left in the event list…the Event video I just selected.

Another thing I do to cut down on the length of the Events list so there isn’t so much scrolling is I use the filters to isolate specific cams and I always filter out motion only events that do not have AI tags. That way, the bugs and birds and trees are not seen. The video I posted shows them, but I turned them back on just to get enough events on my list to scroll thru.