Returning to Event List takes you to last played event if still available.

Scenario #1: there are quite a few recordings in the Event list, let’s say 6 recordings in each hour and there are 6 hours of recordings (total = 36 recordings in the list). I play one from hour 3 (the middle of the list). Once I’ve played it, when I arrow back to the list it drops me at the most recent recording (the top of the list). So I have to scroll back down to the middle and find my last played in order to play my next recording. Expected Result would be to drop me back to the last place I was at in the list (in this case drop me back in the middle and highlighting the one that I just played).

Scenario #2: The last time I was in the Event List I had deleted some or all of the recordings. The next time I go into the Event List, since my last played recording is no longer available, then take me to the top of the most recent recordings.