Return of “ BOX type “ DETECTION!

the New GRID Detection is favored by lots of users, but, the old “ BOX type “Detection is still needed by its special function, suggesting: wyze company rolls out Both types of Detection in all future Firmware upgrade to suit all users different needs.

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I am just curious what advantage the box type gives over the grid system. I am just curious because I am not sure what advantage the old one has that cannot be done with the new one.


Interesting that the grid is functioning correctly in beta but numerous posts, including mine, indicate it is not working properly in production. Logically it should be the other way around. I believe I’ll definitely be signing up for beta.

My guess is that it is because the box lines can hit a spot that is halfway in the middle of a grid box area. I noticed this when I wanted to cover all the way up to the very edge of my sidewalk, but the grid there either overlapped over the sidewalk or stopped a ways too early. Granted, you can just adjust your camera angle a little to instead get the grid to be just right (like I did).

I very definitely prefer the grid over the box though! Wish it was on the V3’s already.


The grids themselves seem to work ok for me. The issue I’ve seen is that the green tracking box often is a lot larger than the visible motion and if that tracking box enters any active grid that will trigger an event. I’ve aggressively blocked out extra grids and it definately helps. However if the view has a lot of vegetation and a moderate wind the tracking box goes haywire causing a lot of false triggers. If the view is pretty static the grids work fairly well.


That is the main issue I have, I would love if they could make it so the tracking box was ignored


That would help. For now I only have about 20% of the grids turned on and it is mostly working for me. It’s definately preferable over the old basic box zone.

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Same here, have diagonal line across the field, only movement crossing any edge is detected.
This eliminated all the false alerts was receiving from changing sun angles.

@carverofchoice If the detect area is mostly through center of sidewalk then will catch anything crossing the detect/non-detect squares.

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Yeah, in one case that is hard to do. The camera angle makes the squares go up the sidewalk diagonally like a diamond, and the grid squares are slightly too big, so they overlap into the flowers on the side of the sidewalk, causing lots of motion triggers.

It would be nice if there was an option to allow us to split the squares of the current grid into smaller squares (maybe divide them in 4 so they can be more precise). But still, the grid is already WAY better than the box. I am extremely grateful that Wyze finally did this.

I finally got a few Cam Plus Licenses for Black Friday anyway, so it doesn’t matter as much now if flowers cause triggers because I don’t have a cooldown issue anymore. Still, it would save Wyze money if I could be slightly more precise and exclude all the plants causing them to waste analyzing video I don’t want, only to discover there wasn’t a person anyway.


Bosch had 1024 detect squares and $mart $earch on pixal changes in one+ square(s).
Wyze only had one rectangle, now 144 squares (16x9); think they’re working in right direction. :slightly_smiling_face:


100% agree with you!


As far as selecting an exclusion zone goes, I agree with you, that the new method is way better, but it’s not working well at all.
I have exclude 80% of my back yard to prevent movement detection from well within the exclusion zone, it’s a real problem on windy days when things including my pool surface move more than usual.
Even with the sensitivity turned down to 30% (at which point it stops detecting even where it’s supposed to) it’ll still pick up the pool surface ripples. Totally unusable as it is.
The old box method would detect movement people in the pool and it ignored wind driven ripples, it did exactly what I bought the camera for, now… Not at all.
Hopefully they can fix it.
I’ve been working with the devs, sending loads of settings, detections and log files since version 217, 218 was a slight improvement, but the overlap and sensitivity problems, although better, are still a problem.
The rule they are working towards is that if the movement occurs within the excluded area, ignore it, regardless of overlap, apparently difficult to achieve, with their current algorithms
I’m back on 199 (box) till 219 comes out to test, then I’ll try it out again.


you are doing exactly what they need. the sensitivity problem is something being worked on currently, the more logs the better. good form!

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This is not working well at all for me, I try to go down it goes up, I have lots of blank spaces, it’s just ridiculous. Very difficult to hone in on the area you want without having lines all over the place. I wondered why all of a sudden I was having tons of hits in the back yard.

How about they just make the little grids moveable like the box? That way they can be fine tuned to an area.

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