Restart rules fail since updates

All rules to restart cams daily fail since FW and app update. I tried deleting and creating new rules. Anyone else have this new feature?

I have been able to confirm this and filed a support ticket with WYZE (#30267). We will see what happens, if you have not submitted one yet I recommend you do so they have as much info as they can to figure it out.

I will submit a ticket. Thank you sir!

Just for reference, my ticket is 30271.

Update - Restart rules still failing daily. No response from Wyze to service ticket.

I’m not seeing many posts about this so probably a low priority.

This is this mornings history, rules failing and now are running multiple times. I’m going to contact support again and push them a little harder on this.

I’ve been having this issue for a while now. Each camera in the group indicates a ‘Timeout’ in the Rules History. I’ve had to restart my camera groups nightly because Wyze was randomly no longer detecting events for the cameras unless I did this. (This was the workaround for that problem.) It seems to me that usually the restart fails (Timeout) but every once in a while it works.

There is an informational message now under each restart rule that I never noticed before:

   i This action will only run once at start time. 

Not sure what this means but if I change the rule action to something other than ‘restart’ there is no informational message.

It’s been a while now that this problem has been reported–any word or progress?

No word and I’ve opened several support tickets regarding this, with no replies of course. It started for me after the last firmware update.

I just checked my rule history and am experiencing the same. But as of today, I had only one show succeeded whereas before it also had a timeout. Well yesterday I unplugged that cam to move it. I wonder if the power cycle changed something to where the rule was able to be run? Well I have power cycled more cameras, and manually reset others. We shall see tonight if either of those jump-starts the rule to work again.

Still having issues, only thing that is working consistently is the reset rule working for my v2 with the RTSP firmware (scheduled reset rule works when cam is in a group or by itself). Haven’t been able to revert any other V2 firmware yet from the recent one, #.156.

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