RESOLVED Service Advisory: Wyze devices missing from the app and login difficulties - 10/21/20

Me too.
I guess the Band-Aid fell off.

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Running the Android beta app v. 2.15.11 here.

Cleared the cache. Logged in and out. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. No effect, just like the last time.

The Happy Wyze Week is starting to sound like an irony to me…

Yup, all my devices are gone again.

I highly recommend rarely upgrading. Things are working normally (which is to say, erratically) here.

I’m still seeing my devices missing. Occasionally they’ll load back but it is a rare chance. I can see events just fine. just can’t see the camera’s live stream or have access to the bulbs Or any other devices.

As of Oct 28th I am experiencing the loss of cameras from the app. What was fixed is now broken again :frowning:

:frowning_face: Same here. Yet one more example (of many) of Wyze Quality Assurance and product (in)stability.

So happy I’ve moved on to a different brand for the important stuff. :+1: :laughing:

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I didn’t have this problem when others did earlier in the month, but I am suddenly having the issue today too, like some of you. Kind of scary. Events working, but everything else is missing in every other tab. When I tell it to live stream from the event, it says the device was deleted.

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Same exact thing just happened to me too for the first time today.

All of my devices are missing, as well.


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I’m having the same issue.

I tried to do a chat but got disconnected due to trying to run though what I was asked to do.

Started back again today…Good grief!

And now it’s unresolved. Fix your [MOD EDIT]

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It just stinks because I use it to see when my kid gets off the school bus and comes home.

I am having this issue as well, no devices listed…

All good here…knock on wood :grin:

I’m back.

Submit, submit to the cloud.

And one wonders why this thread is so active: