[RESOLVED] Service Advisory: Online/Offline Status Not Updating Correctly - 12/19/20

I would be surprised if they do any of the development in house. Probably a small IT staff to keep their internal environment running and contract everything else out. If so, could be a contributing factor to the many issues. From what I see, they are in over their heads. They seem to be more about ooh aah shiny new gadgets than having a clue how to run a robust operational environment. Just my .02 worth.

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Past communication with them indicated that they do produce the app in-house. Extensive beta programme (often felt like alpha) & forums plus lack of native platform support other than Android & iOS would seem to underscore this.

IT staff would typically differ from development teams in my experience.

Time-delayed device triggered rules are now running fine for me, except for rules with the IF clause turned on to limit the time/day that it applies.

Removing the IF clause caused the rule to work successfully. Not sure if this is related or a separate issue. Anyone else?

Interesting. I have several that only run between 1855 - 0655 and they’ve been working since sometime yesterday. Possible that certain adjustments are still percolating thru their cloud fabric.

Not sure how old this is but from the dates (at least 3 years after July 2017), it would suggest it was after the app was available. If their total employee count was 30 and they wrote the app in house, I think the problem becomes obvious.

Also a peek at Glassdoor reviews and the number of job postings provides more insight.

Meh, they might’ve developed the core before they began offering products, though. It only takes a handful of good app devs to maintain the thing. I’d actually think that keeping close-knit like that would be an advantage. Plus, their principals spun off from Amazon, so they started out with plenty of webcam expertise. I’m sure they’ve got a higher headcount than (30) 3.5yrs later. Pretty sure they offshore product development though and I know previous cams (and domains) have shared cores with other Chinese offerings. Either way, the debate is academic.

I just want to see them get their collective sh1+ together and decide whom & what they wanna be. Starry-eyed startup freshman year is over and they need to decide in which field they wanna major. I get that they wanna do lotsa whiz-bang things which is cool. Ready for better bread & butter BEFORE more fluff. Either that, or spin off an ancillary products division in an effort to shore-up + keep cams on track.

Cannot overemphasize the need for a DVR hub…

I’d consider updating the app if they hadn’t added the aggressive firmware nag into v2.7. Not budging from the firmware and therefore stuck unless I want constant unsilencable update prompting. Luckily, v2.6 supports all the wyze products I plan to use for now.

What are your thoughts on using two systems together at the same time? For example it seems that Alexa has a lot of the same functionality as the Wyze rules. Would leaving the Alexa routines on at the same time that the Wyze rules are on conflict with each other? If not, it would be a great way to have a backup system.

I understand many may see this a sign the Wyze Home Monitoring is not for them. It’s your call. However, do not try to tell other systems are way better and have completely figured out the “smart home monitoring” thing. Very simple systems like most of the alarms in use today at most homes will work fine, but there’s nothing smart on them. The ones working on the smart playground are just not as open on their outages and issues.

My extended family uses a variety of these Home Monitoring kits (SimpliSafe, Alarm[.]com, Nest Secure, etc). The delays on notifications, false alarms, inability to connect remotely, inability to properly access the cameras, to name a few. And their “hubs” have versions of Android so outdated that is laughable. All of this for an initial price that is 4 times the price of the Wyze system and monitoring that is 4 to 5 times as expensive.

In the end, it is your choice. Just do not pretend the competition is perfect, because it is not.

My WYZE Sensors were dead from the day I opened my starter kit. Only 1 of them kinda worked for a few weeks, but the battery LOW light was on from day 1. I figured it was a glitch since I had just received the Starter pack. It doesn’t seem right that we are just out of luck.

Did you get it from Wyze directly or Amazon? I rec’d a bad motion sensor last year and @WyzeGwendolyn (who is always a peach) really went above & beyond to get me a replacement.

About 1.5yrs logged w/wyze sense and the pain point has always been the bridge going wonky. Another area where a multiservice DVR hub could improve reliability.

Agreed, Wyze is a joke

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I already tried the post mortem idea. My sensors went bad earlier this year. At that time I was unaware they could be bricked. It took several weeks of back and forth and a couple hours total on rhe phone actually troubleshooting. This included having them send out a replacement set that also failed. Eventually I sent them all back with an email suggesting they use the troubleshooting sessions and the sensors to figure out what was wrong. O never heard back (and it took a couple more weeks to get a replacement).
I believed in this company too at the beginning and was an early supporter and advocate. But it does seem Wyze is trying to grow too fast.
I also agree that one of the big draws was NOT having everything a subscription. I too am disappointed with how the lifetime person detection (on camera) has evolved into a huge push to pay for camera plus (a subscription!). I understood that Xnor.ai was bought by Apple and actually offered to “pay what you want” when asked just to help. But now rhe Outdoor camera lacks features unless you subscribe, and person detection for my V2 cameras isn’t reliable.
I bought a V3 but I suspect it will be my last purchase until they get back on track.

Ha, nice.

Same here too it doesn’t turn

Again notifications are not showing up for Wyze sensors

Since Jan 1 notifications are not getting updated on app for contact sensors.