[RESOLVED] Service Advisory: Online/Offline Status Not Updating Correctly - 12/19/20

I understand that your main purpose is to make money but, your comment about different teams seems to not ring true. I have bought several Wyze products over several years and am still waiting (along with MANY others) for a viewing app for Windows 10. Using BlueStacks is a cumbersome workaround that takes loads of system resources and takes forever to boot. I have stopped buying Wyze products until the promised viewing app for Windows 10 becomes a reality.

Cut your losses. Wyze has been a huge disappointment. All my sensors bulbs and plugs are in the garbage. Move on

@urbanrunner like Gwendolyn said, they all use their products so why would they need any of us to tell them it’s not resolved. Hmmmm.

@R.Good I think resolved in “wyze speak” means we got some of it back working and don’t know how to fix the rest so we sent someone to Barnes and noble to get Cloud Computing for Dummies and they haven’t gotten back yet.

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So happy we don’t even get an update…

What makes you think a native windows app won’t be cumbersome as well? Browser would be a better agnostic approach for those of us who’ve opted out of monkey$oft orthodoxy.

Personally, I think they need to loosen their cloud grasp and allow folks to ‘home’ wyze devices to a DVR hub like so…

Any condescension you perceive is perhaps created in your own mind. I merely stated my own experiences, said these outages did not bother me, and offered to entertain offers should anyone wish to divest themselves of Wyze products. My own sensor was working again in about 10 hours from the time it stopped. Your results may vary.

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No sensors working for me…that includes motion and door sensors

I have a Windows app that I use for other cameras that I haven’t replaced yet. I can view up to 8 cameras per page and the overhead needed is minimal compared to BlueStacks. I have even optimized BlueStacks to minimize how much overhead it needs and still have a slow-booting hog with BlueStacks. If someone else can supply a MUCH better viewer, I don’t see why Wyze can’t do it. They have been selling cameras since October of 2017. If you’re going to sell a product, you should support that product across all platforms. Windows 10 is the most-used operating system out there right now.

Agree to disagree here. Wyze markets their products for use w/mobile devices, not desktops. There are threads dating back years for a browser interface which makes the most sense imo. Republics are better than democracies… :wink: Personally, I think they have their hands full just keeping the current apps above water - not to mention continually throwing more product irons into the fire.

I began rolling out Wyze as an experiment in Feb 2019 and everything was groovy for about 6 weeks. Rapidfire firmware broke some things in Cam Pan by end of March that have never been resolved. I’d like to feel solid about the bread & butter again before massive new launches.


While I agree that they have their hands full rolling out new products, I don’t think that is their smartest move.
Other companies have done this and people have felt betrayed and abandoned. I started my experience with Wyze
with a pre-order on the Wyze Cam II. At that time they said that they would be working on a PC app. They have also
said that they have different groups of people that work on new products and app features. If nothing else, they should
be able to get the programming needed from someone else out there. It may need some tweaks to work with the Wyze cams
but, at least we all wouldn’t have to run an emulator. Sometimes it’s more about the support than the actual product.
I haven’t tried it yet, but supposedly, Dish Network has a viewer that works with the Wyze doorbell and maybe the cameras.
If it can run on Dish Network, why not roll it out for everyone.

Just reporting back as promised, my delayed status rules are still not running since friday.

That’s normal for wyze. All of mine are in the garbage

Why not the electronic waste recycle?

EDIT-1: Was just joking here… :smile:

Yea it stinks since they have been working great for over a month. I have 8 plugs so it looks like ill be possibly listing them on ebay. Ive had my eye on sonoff or homekit compatible devices.

That’s what I meant. Just a figure of speech. Wyze sensors and plugs are garbage. Even the bulbs had to be disposed of. All I have left are some cameras. Very disappointing

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Same here, down to just 2 cameras from a high of 7 devices - all because of abysmal reliable. Even the 2 cameras are used for ‘entertainment’ purposes only. My real monitoring is now done with a different brand.

Mine seem to be working as of tonight. Bulbs turning off now 3min after door closures.

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The time based rules for turning off my lights still aren’t working. Why is Wyze marking things resolved prematurely…

Interesting… those are precisely what’s now working for me. What happens if you deactivate & reactivate your trigger?