Reshare a Cam


I shared a cam with my sis. Her phone crashed and she lost it. I tried re sending a share but it tells me “already shared” I don’t see an unshare unless I missed it.


Go to the ‘Account’ tab on your app, select ‘Device Sharing’, then the camera you shared. Tap ‘Cancel’ to cancel the existing share. Then tap ‘Add a Share’ at the bottom to re-add it. The other user’s account should appear in the ‘Recent Shares’ section, so you can just tap that without having to re-type the email address.


Thanks, that did it


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Oh, and I try to warn as many people as I can – As of this date, you can’t stop the sharing of audio from that cam, short of removing the microphone.

So here are a couple of wishlist items you may be interested in: