Require existing account to release camera before it can be set up on new account

Bad idea.
I don’t know of any such third party agency that would do what your suggesting.

If such an agency does exist, no one would want to pay a monthly fee to stop a £20 camera being used after it was stolen.
So wyze would have to spend time developing this feature which no one would use.
They could make the feature compulsory at setup but then no one will buy the camera as it would come with a monthly fee for an unwanted feature.

Very bad idea.

However this feature might be useful for the Outdoor Camera Wyze is working on.

So what benefit would it give on an outdoor camera that’s worth paying a monthly fee for and how much would you pay each month for this feature.

I would like to see a feature on the app to lock our cameras to our account in case they are stolen then they can’t be used elsewhere, and if we give it away or sell it just go into the app and touch a button to release it to work on another network.

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I’m sure we all leave stuff outside that’s way more valuable than a Wyzecam.
Plants, tables, chairs, ceiling fans and lights on verandas. Not to mention all the expensive stuff we have indoors.
Locking a cheap camera so no one else can use it isn’t worth the effort. Especially considering all the times people will inevitably get locked out of their account ending up with a useless camera.

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Fair enough. I added and then took back a vote once I realized the “your clips move with your donated camera” problem is reported to be fixed. Referred in via

Sorry to hear about your friend.
I personally would not welcome this feature as it could cause all sorts of problems for genuine users.
The Wyze cams are so cheap it’s not worth the effort to add this feature especially when there are other more beneficial features that could be added.

For a better chance of catching thrives I have multiple cameras that overlap and cover each other with cameras hidden wherever possible or as inaccessible as I can make them. Outdoor cameras in full view and fairly easy to get to are watched by other cameras inside of high up on the building. That way if someone steals or disables a camera I have others that could pick up / record what’s happening.

Not infallible but it gives me more chance of identifying / catching a thief than bricking the camera after it’s stolen.

I disagree. Being able to “report” a stolen camera via the Wyze account and disabling it’s future use on any account would be useful. Amazon firesticks have that provision…cool feature.

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Would be great to have a feature in the app so as to “report” a stolen camera and to permanently disable it from future use on a different account. I think there’s a feature like that related to firesticks.

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Like I said, not worth implementing when there are other much more beneficial features to be added.

A stolen camera can’t be used to make purchases like a stolen firestick could.
Reporting it stolen won’t get your camera back.

So what benefit do you see that’s worth prioritising this feature other than you think it’s cool.

Like I said, disabling a stolen camera from use is the desired feature. Did I stutter?

No. And it’s still a bad idea.

Like I already said in this thread , IMO , " it is not necessary for this to be implemented" , it’s just a bad idea period, I will agree to disagree

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Requiring release or being able to lock a camera would be a great feature to have. Thieves should be rewarded with a brick, not a useable product. For those folks dissenting on the idea, saying " it’s just an inexpensive product what’s the big deal" send me some cameras please…they’re only $20 each plus shipping.

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Not an impressive debut.

I agree, but it could be implemented as an option, like did.
You can lock your Credit Account for free but it cost $10 to unlock it to release a report. :money_mouth_face:

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Relates to wyze product wishlist how exactly?

Very childish to disagree with my post when you haven’t given a single benefit to users that would make it worth prioritising this feature over others.

Denying use of stolen goods…now what is the benefit of that? I wonder.

Since you’ve let your ego get the better of you and reverted to name calling, what’s childish are your prior dismissive comments and an ego driven pursuit with that bloke, disguised as needing an explanation of the obvious :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

If you disagree with this feature then simply don’t vote for it. Have a lovely day

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