Require Confirmation If Arming Security System with open sensor

Using the security system for 2-weeks now and discovered what I believe to be a dangerous flaw. Arming the system “Home” or “Away” lets you arm with open windows or doors. The system states arming and open sensor but then arms the system or goes into the chime countdown. My hub is in the middle of the living room and the keypad is at the front door. When we leave and arm the system, I hear the first few words like “system arming” and then the countdown beeps. Upon testing I found the system did say, “System arming, open window sensor, starting exit countdown.” We did not hear that part and went for a long walk to return and disarm the system and find we left a window wide open. My old ADT alarm would not let you arm the system with an open contact unless you purposely bypassed the open contact.

Suggestion to make the system safer. If there is an open contact, the system should not arm but ask to press the arm button again to confirm arming the system with an open contact. I feel this is a HIGH priority suggestion as it is a safety issue, especially if the hub is a distance away from the keypad.

Thank you!

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