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I, and many others, use your cameras to monitor the sky for meteor/comet activity. The normal motion detection settings work for most of these events but they get buried in all the other stuff that occurs in the sky. Would it be possible to create an AI catagory for these events? It should be fairly simple but not a slam dunk - thinks like lightning bugs (fire flies) look like a shooting star for example. AI could sort the firefly events out from the celestial stuff because lightning bug trails are usually curved and a different color. I am creating a product that folks can buy that is turn key and uses wyze v3 cameras (6 of them) for each installation. A user of my system would almost certainly buy your cloud service for all the cameras so there could be a lot of cameras sold and getting support - more if you had an AI to make the process more foolproof. feel free to contact me if you have any questions. thanks…

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Although I brought my V3 as a security camera I have been pointing it at the night sky watching for meteors etc with some success,
I do find that the meteors are too faint to be picked up by the motion sensor.
If there was a version of the V3 optimized for night sky viewing I would certainly buy one.


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I have been using a couple of v3’s for many months and find that they pick up larger fireballs and not just small shooting stars. since i don’t care about shooting stars that works great for me. the darker the environment the better it works. i plan on putting my allsky system into a very dark area east of our town and expect it to work better there. for $30 you cannot beat the sensor system - it would really be nice if there was an AI to filter out the things that are not what i am looking for. i may have to post process the hits which is a pain.

i just did… thanks

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