Replacement band

First off apology for not knowing the technical name…
I am an early purchaser of the band. It came with a snap in wrist band. It broke at where it meets the body. Reached out to customer service and they did send me a replacement - but its the watch style version.
Does anyone know where and how to get a replacement that uses the snap in style?

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There’s really no technical name, it’s just “snap style” or something similar.

I would also like to know this!
I would also like to know:

  • when are colors coming? (I know there’s a post but I haven’t seen any updates)
  • Why did they change the style in the first place?
    I’ll tag @WyzeGwendolyn to see if she can answer.
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Here’s a new #wishlist post about this. Click the “vote” button to vote for it!

While sleeping - the rubber pin style strap is way more comfortable.

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I had the same issue that the quick release band broke and the replacement was for the regular band. I came on here to see if anyone had a quick release band they did not want since they stopped making those. I’m hoping they will produce it again because I like that band better.

I just had my quick release band break as well. It was much more comfortable then the watch style band.