Remove 10 minute restriction for Chromecast and Google Home/Nest

Now that Wyze cams work on Chromecast, they would actually make pretty good baby monitors… if they didn’t stop after 10 minutes. Fix that please!

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The stream timeout for local device is currently set statically ot 10 minutes.
There should be a way to disable this so a steam can be watched for longer periods (eg waiting for hte cable guy to show up).
This could be a user settable timer (where 0 is do not timeout ever).
This would be appicable Only to streaming locally to a chromecast/firetv enabled devices

I am pretty sure this is a setting by Google and not Wyze

Are there any attempts to reduce the streaming lag time when streaming a cam to the Hub or Chromecast? I’m somewhere between 15 and 20 seconds and it’s not exactly ideal when trying to see who’s at the front door and other scenarios.


Nope, this lag time is implemented by Google to save the servers from being overloaded.

Well that kind of settles it. Thanks for the prompt reply.

I was thinking…would there be a way to utilize direct streaming? Today if I were to “mirror” my Pixel’s screen to the Hub or Chromecast, I believe that’s using some level of direct streaming rather than going through Google’s servers. While this technically works fine, it kind of holds my phone hostage.


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I am returning the google nest hub because of this 10 minute limit, also there is 10+ second lag, otherwise the nest hub is great but unfortunately very bad integration with wyze.

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The 10-minute limit on the hub is not something WYZE can do anything about as far as I know. I believe it is something Google has put it that seems to do it with everything except the Nest product line, conveniently owned by Google.


The time limit is imposed by Wyze for cost savings. A solution could be and extra charge per month per each cam that needs constant streaming.

Disappointed with this integration; bought a NestHub to stream camera and watch kid. This limit is forcing to think about returning Nesthub or Wyze cam!

Same thoughts here. This is really going to make me reconsider purchasing the wyze doorbell cam when that comes out due to these issues with Google Home/chromecast.

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