Remove 10 minute restriction for Chromecast and Google Home/Nest

Now that Wyze cams work on Chromecast, they would actually make pretty good baby monitors… if they didn’t stop after 10 minutes. Fix that please!

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The stream timeout for local device is currently set statically ot 10 minutes.
There should be a way to disable this so a steam can be watched for longer periods (eg waiting for hte cable guy to show up).
This could be a user settable timer (where 0 is do not timeout ever).
This would be appicable Only to streaming locally to a chromecast/firetv enabled devices

I am pretty sure this is a setting by Google and not Wyze

Are there any attempts to reduce the streaming lag time when streaming a cam to the Hub or Chromecast? I’m somewhere between 15 and 20 seconds and it’s not exactly ideal when trying to see who’s at the front door and other scenarios.

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Nope, this lag time is implemented by Google to save the servers from being overloaded.

Well that kind of settles it. Thanks for the prompt reply.

I was thinking…would there be a way to utilize direct streaming? Today if I were to “mirror” my Pixel’s screen to the Hub or Chromecast, I believe that’s using some level of direct streaming rather than going through Google’s servers. While this technically works fine, it kind of holds my phone hostage.


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