Remotely revert to an earlier firmware version

We need the capability to remotely revert to an earlier firmware. By remotely I mean by doing a reboot over the net, no physical action pressing the reboot button.
Example - I upgrade the firmware on a system that was working fine hoping to take advantage of an advertised new feature, like flying unicorns (
Then we decide other changes in the system, like loss of motion detection make us want the previous version.
IF we had an sd card in there with the PREVIOUS binary it seems that we should be able to select to boot to that.

Agree … it would be a great feature … particularly for newbies who have to revert back to a prior firmware. Would save WYZE a lot of headaches if many new owners or beta testers need to revert back to prior firmware.


never mind, apparently this is available now under the beta app under upgrade–> have a problem—>revert firmware

I think it’s only available when there is an upgrade firmware available. If your fw is already on the latest update them it just says"your firmware is up to date!" and shows the app version. Then you can’t click on the have a problem button to get to the firmware versions to downgrade to. This is what I’ve seen on the non beta app.

I think the revert to earlier firmware should be an option when you have the latest firmware… Not just when you have an older firmware.

Actually they took it away.
According to WyzeTao:

Hi, we did it because the new beta firmware can’t be downgraded to or firmware or lower. We are going to release a new beta firmware which overwrites a few files from the old f/w. It is a ‘breaking’ change which is not reversible. If you downgrade, your camera will be at flashing blue state forever.

If you want to revert back to older firmware, please manual flash the firmware via .

BTW, our beta firmware (coming out soon) has a fix for timelapse download issue.

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Thanks I didn’t know that!