Remote temperature sensors

I too hope these come out soon as I purchased the Wyze Thermostat based upon this accessory.

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As did I as well.

I will be seriously disillusioned with Wyze if this isn’t eventually delivered as promised before the end of the year.

2021 year, just in case there’s any confusion on the part of certain people.

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My WYZE app on my iPhone updated today and there is an icon at the top of the screen for the thermostat that looks like a capsule. So of course I tapped it. It took me into the “add a sensor” menu. Are the sensors themselves available?image

They are not… This feature was in the previous beta app as well. Looks like the feature was left in the latest release :slight_smile:. An indicator that they are in fact/could be coming. The Wyze shopping page still shows that these will be available in 2021.