Refresh Thumbnails Easily In Devices

The on/off button on the home screen for a group will turn all cameras in the group on/off at the same time. However, it gets a bit flakey if you turn them all off from the home screen and then turn only some of the cameras on their own screens.


The Wyze Cam app home screen shows snapshots of the video feeds when they were last exited. I’d love for the snapshots to update when I enter the home screen (or refresh it).

My use case is I open the app and would like to quickly know which room the kids are in. Currently I have to open each stream to find out.

Oops, I just noticed the on/off buttons on the home screen. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to update thumbnails on 7 different cameras when I just want a quick snapshot of my home. It’s one of the few things I miss from my old Dropcam/NestCam setup.

I wish they’d just get rid of the thumbnails if they are not. Interested in making them useful.

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The home screen thumbnail should be the current image, not the last accessed image. My old Foscam camera (2011 or so) does this automatically and instantly and is one of my two most missed features. The second is presets for a Wyze Cam Pan.


Do you think a future enhancement could be live shots on the cameras when we first open the app? The images shown are what we last pulled up and it would be nice to have either a live stream (like Google Nest cams) or at least an up to date image from the cameras.

Could that be a future release note??


Still no update on this? Thumbnails on the home screen are useless. I’ve switched to using TinyCam Pro so I can see something live without having to refresh. Seems crazy.

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In the Android or iOS apps on the main device list (or group list), instead of showing the last camera still image, show what is occurring on all the cameras. This makes it work more like nest/ring.

On my iPhone home screen, the 2 cam pans show current or nearly current thumbnails. The 1 cam I have rarely shows current, and I cannot get it to refresh. I have tried swiping down and nothing changes; I have tried leaving the cam open for a while as it works fine when I want to view the current scene.

I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled - no help.

Any ideas?

Hello! I’m a big fan of your products. We use Wyze cam for our baby camera and I’ve referenced it to many of my friends who use it as well.
I wanted to make mention of a glitch that needs fixed. I’ll explain it this way. When I open up my Wyze app to look at my daughter for some reason there is a default picture from the last time I opened the app. So, for example, there are times when I open the app and my wife has taken my daughter out of the crib. So my view from the camera shows an empty crib.
Now imagine if I just put my daughter in the crib for the night. Then an hour later I go to check on her on the Wyze app and it shows the last picture I saw…which is when she is NOT in the crib. I have a freak out moment that my daughter is missing.
So my request is to see if you can fix this glitch and help me and my wife save a few years on our lives. Which, I’d also like to say, Wyze has comforted us is more ways than I can mention. I just wanted to mention this one way it could be even better!

If I get an alert from the app letting me know one of the cameras has detected/recorded something or someone, it’s rather annoying to have to pull-to-refresh a blank page… And then to have to pull-to-refresh because I didn’t get all of the thumbnails. And then have to repeat pull-to-refresh over and over because I have multiple cams. Yeah I’m sure it’s about processes and bandwidth, but if there was actually some emergency and I’m waisting time pull-to-refresh pull-to-refresh pull-to-refresh instead of dialing 911, that’s a problem folks. #annoyed

Wyze app under home selection should automatically update with live feed instead of having to click on each camera to update.

Is this possible yet in anyway? or only by loading up that camera’s view to refresh?

It would be nice to have an option to manually refresh the thumbnails, either one at a time or all at once, but I wouldn’t want it to be automatic.

My main screen currently has 31 devices listed on it. When I open the Wyze app on my phone, there is a delay of about 10 to 15 seconds where it shows the blue screen with the Wyze logo and sometimes a black screen, before the main screen displays. Then there is ANOTHER delay of about 5 seconds before the main screen becomes responsive. I wouldn’t want that to be slowed down any more for it to update the camera thumbnails. Nor would I want it to use the extra bandwidth required for that unless I manually chose the refresh.

Hi, how many votes does Wyze team need to implement a feature?


Pretty obvious improvement. Just want to update the thumbnail every 5-10 minutes. Annoying to open it up and see that the last icon displayed is from 14 hours before in the middle of the night.

Just adding to this after voting, seeing the thumbs on launch of the app just helps identify the cam, does not help to know if anything has changed which would require going through every cam with a tap and a “laundry bubble” as it connects. It would be nice if I could just set it to refresh on load AND take a new thumb regularly throughout the day: sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight at least if not a specific time each day. You never know what you might catch even if the cam didn’t detect movement or record anything in the interim.

Periodic Pics of Camera View in Mobile App

A cool feature that I would love to see implemented in the Wyze Mobile App is this-
On the initial screen of the app is a list of cameras with a pic of the last view the camera saw when you viewed the live stream of the camera. It would be nice if that image was actually a recent shot of what the camera is seeing now. For instance, configurable in the app settings or camera settings, the camera could update that image every 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes, of the current view of the camera.

The reason for this would be so that just opening the app could give you a status of what the camera is seeing in just a second or two, rather than having to open the camera and wait for it to connect and sync and start playing the live stream. It would reduce the time, bandwidth, and storage (images are smaller than video clips), and if all you want to do is check if something is in the image or not, this would be very helpful- Examples- answering questions like “is a car present in the lot?”, “did someone leave the lights on?”, " is there a leak in the roof after a storm?", “is there a flood?”, etc…

Thanks for considering this, I do hope it is implemented.

  • Matthew N. Dudek