Reducing Sensitivity of Motion Sensor with a Mask - 2

Since I have installed the mask over my front driveway motion sensor, I have not had any heatwave notifications. People, cars, and cats are picked up with the mask. Early on tilting the top of the motion sensor 30° downward from vertical eliminated street traffic, but not the heat waves on the driveway. And now the mask only picks up people or cars if they are on the driveway. Cats are picked up if they are far enough on to the driveway. Making my earlier filter was to tool intensive for most people. Also, as a benefit, the translucent mask somewhat subdues the stark black lens.

If you want to see how I chose the material for the mask, I would point you to my earlier submittion.
‘Reducing Sensitivity of Motion Sensor with a Mask’.
I copied the wrong link in the recent submission. Sorry.
The revised method for making one only requires a few items found in the kitchen and your pocket or purse.

The first picture group describes the pattern layout.

These four pictures describe cutting and folding the pattern.

These four pictures show fit-up, taping, and installation.

Close up of the finished project.

Victor Maletic


Nice clean design. :+1:

I just put a piece of Scotch cellophane tape directly over the sensor dome for my exterior motion sensors.

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Excellent work and documentation! Thanks!

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Why didn’t I think of that! It doesn’t get much simpler. Thanks.


My sensor still looks like a little camera and makes people nervous when they see it. Yours now looks like an inconspicuous sensor. :+1: