Red dot near Events icon

In the app, why do I see a red dot only sometimes by the Events icon? I have activities 100% of the time from all my cams when I open the app. Occasionally I see a red dot. What does this indicate?

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I get that only if I have notifications on and an event occurs. If I have notifications muted, I never see that dot.


I think it means you have new events in the event list

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Do not have notifications on at all. Never turned them on. I don’t want or need notifications.

I have events 100% of the time. I see every insect, piece of dust, shadow, sunlight flare in range of the cams. Everything is captured. Sometimes I see the red dot when i open the app Other times no red dot.

I get the red dot as well. Sometimes 15 to 20 minutes after an motion event and when I checked, notifications are turned off. Buggy app.

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that red dot only signifies that there are new events. regardless of your notifications it should be there when there are new events.

having notifications off wont affect this because its in the app itself. and being in the app it is not considered a notification, merely a heads up once you’re already in there.


I respectfully disagree. When my little bell has a strike through it, there can still be event videos taken, a the were last night, but no red dot indicating an event occurred. At least that’s what I’m seeing on my Note 9 Android device.

I stand corrected sir. I just tested it and indeed if you have the notifications on the app off, it does not mark new events with the dot.

It’s just to show you that events have been recorded to go look at them
I set my camera up to not record events in home mode only away mode
When I leave the house I go to away mode first page of the app