Recurring/daily time lapse schedule

I know this has been requested before, HOWEVER, the request was made in March of 2018, received exactly one response from a Wyze team member (also in March 2018, has 58 subsequent requests (the most recent only 20 days ago), so it appears to have zero traction. Out of sight out of mind, perhaps.

For my purposes, I am doing a complete 2021 capture. Started at midnight Jan 1, and I intend to go all the way to the end of the year. While it’s a pain to have a 28 day day maximum recording time, it’s even more of a pain to have to be present at exactly the moment the time lapse ends, in order to start the next one. Surely it can’t be that difficult to schedule a new time lapse to begin right after the last one ends, right?

Again, I know this has been requested. But with no comments from a team member in almost 3 years, seemed like a good time to revisit the subject.

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And, of course, some moderator moved my new post to this existing one, making it all the more likely that nobody that matters will look at it. Come on Wyze, it’s time to get re-involved with your supporters and address existing issues. Even an official comment of “it’s too difficult, we can’t do it, sorry” is better than just ignoring everybody.

Now don’t even get me started on the whole Wyze lock Google Home thing…

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Would like to be able to do time-lapse on a cam 3 for just the same time(s) every day. Say record at 3:00 am to 4:00 am every day every three seconds or whatever length. Thanks
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Set the time lapse for the month that you would like to record (or fewer days as you like), along with the interval.

Set a rule to turn the camera on with 3 AM as the Start time, and 4 AM as the Stop time.

Done. Power the camera off through the app, and it should come on at the next Start time event, and then off, on, off … etc. The time lapse will continue until the time lapse schedule runs out, or until you manually stop the time lapse through the app. Do not pull the card while the camera is off until the time lapse has ended or has been stopped.

I’ve been using this technique for a long time with success. What is disappointing is that one cannot set the trigger times based on sunrise/sunset, so I use external power control for that. However, the time lapse continues just fine.

Good luck, enjoy!

Review this entry for an exampe that I posted last year.

I’ve been trying to run a week-long time lapse of our garden at 1 min intervals on a WOC. This has worked reasonably well. I then tried to set up a rule to start the camera at 6:00am and run until 9:00pm to eliminate the dark periods in the time lapse. From what others have posted, this should have worked, In my case, the schedule rule works perfectly, but the time lapse fails to restart in the morning when the camera comes back on.

All my firmware is up to date!

Is this behaviour peculiar to the Wyze Outdoor Cam, or am I doing something wrong? Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

I don’t have any Wyze Outdoor Cams, so perhaps that is the case. Perhaps since the Outdoor cam is battery powered, the logic is different for power off. On the v2, power off by camera timer or by external power removal (I use some smart-ish switches) yields the same result and the time-lapse resumes upon restart.