Recurring/daily time lapse schedule

Another vote for this from me - would be a great addition. I use it to review if there were any problems with out old dogs overnight. Would be great to either schedule recurringly in the app or even if the time-lapse parameters were available via IFTTT.

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Definitely need this.
And why is it limited to 30 days?

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Great idea - I tried using my wyze camera for a garden cam starting in the spring. Stopping at dusk and starting at dawn would be great, plus having a longer duration, in terms of start/stop dates.


I would like to schedule repeated timelapse recordings, such as 8am to 5pm on weekdays. Perhaps could be done as a shortcut.
Having to login to the camera everyday to schedule a new one is a bit tedious.


Adding my vote to be able to set up recurring automatic time lapses.


Nice job on the sunset video!
I am in San Diego and face east over a valley. I wanted to set a recurring time lapse to film the spectacular sun rises!
How long is your time window and how many seconds between shots?

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Any updates on scheduling Time Lapse videos?


Nothing I’ve heard, unfortunately

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I am still waiting on this, also. Last summer, I installed four cameras in a donut booth at the Minnesota State Fair to monitor booth operations and customer lines. Because I could not schedule multiple, recurring, time lapses, I needed to get into the fair every couple of days to stop / start the time lapses so my video files did not get too big to work with.

I tried to figure out the pattern of the time lapse schedule on mSD card to see if I could “schedule” time lapse periods in advance. For whatever reason, the camera would never activate based upon my files.

I have more need for scheduled time lapse events. If there is a way for me to generate files and have them activated, I would love to hear it. If there were a feature on the app, that would be good too.



Say, although I’m not sure about the new subscription for continuous motion because it seems like for one continuous motion I get multiple alerts and multiple videos of the same motion. And it seems to take awhile before video comes up when I try to access it. I’m thinking this sort of thing may help with the scheduling of time lapse video.

I don’t have easy access to some of my cameras and especially now in winter to even be able to get on the local network to download them even if I were to get them created. But I personally would pay a subscription if the cameras could schedule recurring time lapse video and then upload it to their server so I can access and download it from anywhere.

Having a timer for time lapse is beyond crucial in my opinion. currently you can only set a start and end date, while this is great it serves no purpose to many people trying to capture events during the day vs night time. for example, i wanted to get a 3 month time laps of my flowers growing but at night time its pitch black and zero visibility aka making the night time video useless and just taking up space and a ton of work for me to export the video then have to edit out the blank night time portion.
please if possible add this function.
thank you.


look here

So all we need are actions to ‘start time lapse’, ‘stop time lapse’, and ‘upload time lapse to event server’, so we can download them from anywhere and schedule one from midnight to midnight each day from each camera and, aside from the missing person feature, I would have nothing to gripe about these cameras at all. Well, maybe the delayed weathertight outdoor camera would constitute my list.

C’mon Wyze, make my day.

Note: this would be so useful to me that I would be willing to pay extra for the space used on the server similar to the complete motion feature.

Just another thought - if the feature would build the time lapse as it goes so that if the cam is stolen or craps out or loses connectivity, the time lapse would always be intact and downloadable - that would be a very nice bonus.

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What you has ask is there. It just got to ask how to do it.
You can record full time by rtsp. There is software that will record on your own computer.

If you can use VLC

I think you misunderstand what I’m asking for. I have older cameras that I can in fact stream and capture continuous video. I have the ability to grab periodic snapshots from these cameras and create my own time lapse videos. The Wyze cameras do not allow this. I would add more such cameras and create my own time lapse videos but the cost of those cameras are prohibitive and are hard to come by these days in any event.

I merely want features to do what I would like to do myself but am not allowed to do. My cameras are in several separate locations and some distance apart and I can’t go around every day to the local networks just to kick off time lapses and then download them, If the cameras are stolen/broken, I would not be able to do so anyway.

If they would build features that I described, then I could look through a whole day from each camera in minutes and not wonder if some motion was ‘missed’ that I’d like to know about. I could determine if I needed to look in more detail at a particular camera(s) and/or times without having to hope anything was missed.

If I read right you want one app to do all type of camera not at the same place and want software edit.

Look in to tiny cam app it may have something.

Blue Iris will do all type of camera on one software. But you need a stand alone computer.

Go to and they may have a may have better answer when you have a camera.

Any updates on this feature request? It’s been almost 2 years.


Agreed, any update on this?
The current time lapse feature is limited, and if you have a power failure or any issues during it, the whole time lapse is lost.

Alternatively, can I somehow set the camera to take a picture every x minutes? You don’t need to make a video for me… I can’t seem to schedule “take a picture” either… only turn the camera/notifications on/off…


How about this?

Being able to deal with the existing time lapse feature locally only is for security as I understand it.

Presumably when one watches the livestream from outside the local network it is a secure connection. But this is not secure enough for the time lapse feature (apparently).

How about adding a two-factor identification if you chose the time lapse? If you can get to the button you’re already logged in. Maybe when trying to use the time lapse feature, have the app request a pin that is sent by a text? This should prove you are the owner and then allow the creation of the time lapse and download of it.

It would still be painful to have to manually set up one for each camera daily, until (assuming ever), this feature is enhanced to be more useful. But, at least it could be done for remote cameras. Oddly enough you can setup the time lapse remotely - you just can’t do anything else with it.


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