Recurring/daily time lapse schedule


It would be nice to be able to schedule a time lapse to recur daily rather than having to schedule each time. Is this possible?

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Time lapse programming?
Wyze Sky Cam

Good suggestion! I’ll send that up to the team! Right now there is not a way to set that.


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Great! Thanks!



I second this HIGHLY. Enabling this will allow the ability to see potential people scoping a property or other various activities quickly and easily! Just received 10 of your AMAZING cameras and would just LOVE to see this added. Pretty please?


You guys rock! Keep up the great work!

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I would also like to automatically generate a time lapse every day.



Yes, please have this feature.

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I further the motion to enable such a feature. In addition, it would be awesome if I could specify start and end times by local sunrise and sunset. (An IFTTT action might be another way to accomplish this.)

Thanks for a great product!



This is a great idea, although not essential.

What’s the status on offering this, WyzeCam?



In the future will there be way to set time lapse daily instead of each day separately? I would also like to see weekends set separately from weekdays if possible. Programming time lapse one day at a time is really painful, and with computers, unnecessary. I hope these are helpful suggestions. You don’t have to give me credit.

Thanx and 73’




Wish there was a way to schedule daily time lapses on Wyze. Like 9-to-5 or sunrise to sunset.
As an alternative, add alexa/google home skill or IFTTT applet that would allow to start/stop time lapse.
Ideally it should be able to delete old files when running out of space.

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I knew the camera had time-lapse capabilities, but I wish I had tested it before I bought more cameras. I was specifically looking for a dedicated camera doing daily time-lapse recordings. To me, a “recurring” feature is basic to time-lapse! Please?!