Recovery times

A $100 or even $1000 camera will not stop a psychopath from kicking your door down and and doing whatever they want to you.

Perhaps do yourself a favour and put an SD card ($10?) in your wyze cam, buy the wyze sense kit ($20), point the PIR sensor at your neighbor and put a contact sensor on your door. You will get a motion notification and cloud video with a recovery time of 40 seconds and another notification almost instantly the moment he breaches your door.

Seriously though if you neighbor is as crazy and violent as you say…$18 a year for continous motion capture is a hot deal…


[Mod Edit], alexa calls their stuff “safe home”

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and other misleading things to make you feel secure, and then you sell junk

With a micro SD card in all of my cameras, I am completely UNAFFECTED by any “5 minute cool down” period. Anytime I want to, I can roll back the cameras to a specific date & time and watch whatever takes place in front of my cameras. How does a camera prevent any person with ill intent from damaging your property? All it does is record it on camera. With an SD card in each camera YOU STILL HAVE ALL THAT FOOTAGE. I have very few worries about someone breaking into my home while someone is home. It would turn out worse for the burglar than for the occupants. We keep doors & windows securely locked/deadbolted even while home, and everyone is “trained and equipped” to stop a threat.


What does Alexa (or Amazon) have to do with what Wyze calls their products? Amazon is a reseller not the manufacturer. They can and do call things whatever they want, it does not mean it is correct.

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I believe Amazon refers to “Smart Home” not “safe home”.

Would recording to an SD card help or is it the lack of notifications during the cool down period that is the problem?
People here are willing to help if you want it.


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If someone has your life in mind and trying to kill you, you should already have a full-fledged monitored security system.

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Wyze doesn’t owe a thing beyond what they offered when you bought the camera.

And, by the way, I hope [there is] a 50-100 dollar camera that comes with unlimited “free” recording to a company-provider cloud.

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Did you read what I was responding to? :blush:

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I understand the frustration, my biggest gripe is the detection notifications aren’t separated by motion and person. I have both my cameras to only send notification when there is a person detected, one camera pointed at the driveway and one pointed to my back yard.

But the way they have it configured is not ideal. If somebody pulls in my driveway and walks to my door, the camera will not notify me because the vehicle set off the detection, I won’t get a person detected alert unless they sit in their car for 5 minutes before getting out. I have to check the events tab multiple times a day to see if anybody went to the door.

In the middle of the night, a car could drive by and their headlights would set off the motion detection but if 3 minutes later, someone broke into my car, it wouldn’t detect a person.

I have sd cards in the cameras but it could be handled better on their end. Here’s hoping their own person detection is smarter :crossed_fingers:

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The cooldown period is part of the free event model included with the free cloud storage. If you opt to buy the CMC option at 1.50 or so per camera per month that removes the cool down period so you get all events. And the camera will record for the duration of the event not just the 12 seconds.

But there is no relationship between person detection and CMC. So when Wyze releases their new person detection it will most likely also be independent of CMC. Have to wait see I think. Of course you can always use SD cards as you have done. As far as I know that option will remain as is.


Unlike some I must have the crap cameras. I own 10, all have sd cards and set to record continuously. Well 3 that are OUTSIDE work fine, Five that are inside my business dont record continuously. When I try to check it says there are no sd cards. I have done everything that Wyze has told me to do but still not working right. The other 2 I have stopped using because or the problems. I thought these would work good when the Maxdrive came out and it again like other things it never happened. I also have Ring, Arlo and Nest. These cameras do what they say they will and I never have problems with them.

I also n.v have to say that their door lock sounded good but like the cameras I believed the hype. It works about 75% of the time. I again have done what I was told to fix the issues but no help. Locks like you DO get what you pay for and I will be paying more from now on and get products that at least can be depended on to work as advertised and expected.

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Introduced with a reason app update; when you get a notification and look at the 12 sec video, there are now two new shortcuts: 1) to “Livestream” (word says it all, bring up the camera live), and 2) to “Playback” which brings you to the corresponding event stored on the SD card.
Personally, I think these two (tiny) changes to the app have been amazing.


I think this guy is asking for too much. Im satified with the camera. The person should of read the specs for the cameta before buying and notice the cool down period.


You’ve got to do a lot of digging to find that info especially if you don’t know that you should be looking for it.

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for the record- I too- have a crazy neighbor who rents out to crack/meth/heroin addicts that destroy my lawn/lighting/property an a regular basis- my WYZE cams capture EVERYTHING- the trick is to have cameras watching cameras-so even when 1 camera is in the cool down mode another camera is catching it- plus- you get the view from different angles- all my cams do have SD cards in them- but - I just download the footage from the timeline- and/or upload/share to my twitter/google/youtube for safe keeping- those vids make it to the police department & to court… which I might add has helped me PROVE what they are doing- but obviously- it does not stop them from being idiots- but they do now know they are being filmed…