Record to SD card without the internet/Wifi (offline)

I need to record to the SD card via the software setup without the need for the internet, or wifi, as it was in the beginning before changes in firmware. It was a great tool and the software provided for it. In looking at some of the other wishlist requests, I think this fits right in with the needs to record wildlife, car cams, 2nd homes without internet, etc. How about when the internet goes down for hours, or days at time? There is a gap in recording during that time frame. Yes, the new firmware starts up while the internet comes back on-line, but how about when off line? Nothing is recorded!

Yeah… its just like a teenager asking permission to use his daddy’s car, well in WyzeCam case it needs to connect to Wyze server to function properly.

I can’t really understand why Wyze firmware developer treated “internet” connection like an abundant supply of “air”, as if the firmware was programmed with none error control over events that it would lost internet connection, which fails over to stop functioning when it lost internet connection.

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I’m pretty sure this has come up before. @kyphos is the main contact I think of, I’m pretty sure he knows the status.

If power goes out and internet is down. I can’t start my emergency power and have cameras record because Internet is down.

May I suggest you guys do an update that the camera restores from a configuration file on the SD card so that in the event Internet is inaccessible the camera can still continue to function and record locally.

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I think it would be really useful for the camera to just record events to the SD card when the internet’s out (or I"m using the camera in a location away from the router)
Set it up as normal with a router then have the ability to move the camera. When It powers up, if no internet then record to card with the previously loaded configuration.
(possibly check occasionally for internet return to resume normal options?)
Besides monitoring my garage or other outside locations, it would make it useful for recording auto/motorcycle/bike/kayak rides…adding a whole new category of sales (&work) for you…
Thanks for such a great product line… I’m so glad I supported you in the beginning…


Buenas tarde… Sus productos son excelentes, pero pueden hacer algunas mejoras…

Las mejoras consisten que los equipos puedan grabar su configuracion y programacion de forma local. ¿porque? Porque en mi pais(republica dominicana) el internet y la energia electrica no es estable…

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I Agree with the need for this. Do you know what firmware version had this feature available??