Record longer than 12 seconds?

Wow, such an unintuitive interface for viewing local storage recordings. You’d think a cloud event could at least provide a link to the start time of your local storage recordings so you could easily view more than the default 12 seconds. I guess I can’t complain too much given the low price of the camera.

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Welcome to the community, @mvanzante. There is a #roadmap item that may interest you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for doing that. Keep in mind, items in #roadmap don’t need to be voted on because they are either, “In-development”, "Testing, or “Launched”. On the other hand, Wyze is looking for people to vote on #wishlist items so they can gauge the community’s interest. However, voting on #wishlist topics does not guarantee Wyze will implement a feature or develop product.

My use case: the camera monitors my driveway. A car passes by, a 12-second video is recorded and stops. A thief walks in, gets into the house, steals the camera and a bunch of other stuff… This use case IS the reason I bought a security camera and this one does no fit…

I would suggest continue recording as long as the movement continues.

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It’s not a security camera.
It’s a $20+ surveillance camera.
Get several cams. Get SD cards and set the cameras on continuous record. Hide one camera to monitor the others. Then use the 12 second cloud clip as a “marker” to narrow down the time or at least record everything.

@anatolyv, please see this #roadmap topic. :slight_smile:

With regard to the 12 second recording… I think the logic is not usable.
My example - Gate Camera - detects gate opening - by the time the gate disappears from view, the camera has stopped recording and misses the vehicle leaving the yard.
So I get a video of my gate opening. Woo hoo.
Let’s expand this 12 second recording for events to what I want it to be - not what some engineer thinks I need. I have a 32 GB SD card installed, so I should be able to extend this limit.
I tried using the continuous recording feature, but the Wyze architecture failed miserably when the card filled up - I had to do a low level format via Windows to recover the card.
C’mon boys and girls at Wyze - this nonsense will destroy your company’s wishes for growth.

I’ve come from bleeding edge technology companies and you need to get these issues sorted asap.

There are many of us using quality SD cards that are on continuous recording. I’ve about 10 cameras running right now and I can call any of them up and view playback at any time.
I’ll get an event, go back look at the footage.

Well, that’s great.
The 12 second recording is still an obnoxious limitation.
I think I use reasonable quality SD cards.
( SanDisk 32GB Ultra microSDHC UHS-I - 98MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, A1)
If the camera can’t work with these then perhaps they need to revisit the architecture and firmware design.
I have the camera switched to continuous recording - again - we’ll see how it does. (If it craps out the SD card again and tells me there’s no SD card installed.) I understand that this is an unresolved issue that effects many people’s cameras.

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