Recessed wall/ceiling intallation


Once POE and RTSP are implemented, this would be the perfect camera to shove inside the wall. A simple old-work style box would be sufficient with some way to hold the camera.

The advantage would best be realized if the mount came with a wide angle lens, or if a new version of the camera were to include such a lens. However, wide angle lenses admittedly reduce the quality of the capture of an individual person or item.


I don’t know if it needs a wider angle. It already does 110 degrees (120 on the pan cam). That is pretty wide and if mounted correctly will cover most rooms. But a mount would be neat. Personally I think I’d rather see a traditional dome mount for something like that but that’s just me and I could change my mind if I see something more functional. Perhaps something similar to the wall mount for the Aeotec / Aeon Labs multisensor.