Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)



The problem is that the ram in the cameras is limited and the RTSP code takes more ram than is free in the production firmware.


Other than RTSP, which I won’t hold my breath for

I’m assuming everyone got the email from Wyze CEO on the 31st where he stated they would be delivering on RTSP in 2019 (as well as Google home integration and an outdoor camera)


I keep meaning to read that. Thanks! I would love to be proven wrong.


I’ve been using Wyze PanCam app on my work PC with the 3rd party Bluestacks4 app emulator. Works great


With the RSTP option you’re talking about we seem to lose a lot of the features of the camera to get one slightly less than true RSTP functionality. RSTP is suppose to allow access over the web so local only is not true RSTP. I’m also not a fan of the fact that it’s only going to be sort of supported. Fewer updates at a lower priority? So those customers that want a true RSTP option are not as important as everyone else?


I thought Rick explained it here:

What I can’t grasp is why TinyCam seems to be able to deliver a multi-camera viewer, but only if your running Android or an emulator. The hoops everyone is going through…


The “Android only” aspect of TinyCam is, I believe, just because they haven’t chosen to implement an iOS version. That may be because the developer is not competent in the iOS ecosystem, because they don’t like Apple’s app surcharge, or any number of other reasons.


Agreed, but multi-cam viewing is obviously feasible (tinycam) and obviously in demand. #2 and #3 on the list. It is just strikes me as odd that people have to run an emulator on their pc to run an Android app to view their cameras. Neutering existing features by way of specialized firmware doesn’t seem the right approach if tinycam is already doing this. There should be a more direct way.


I have a furbo cam that has no ip access other than the app and one day playing with ispy it detected the furbo string with the admin user and password so I grabbed it and copied it down attached to the back of the furbo and set it up on blue iris I have not been able to extract the string again playing around but the furbo works on blue iris now so it must have been a fluke I’m hoping my Wyze will do that too on a fluke


How does the Wyzecam integration with Alexa manage to work? From the Amazon requirements for Alexa integration with a camera, the camera must support either an RTSP stream, or use webRTC to deliver the video.

A long time ago, I do recall that someone from Wyze had mentioned that RTSP support might get done in conjunction the alexa integration, but the integration arrived and RTSP did not.

I doubt wyzecam is using webRTC (as it would probably use more RAM, and if they were, they probably wouldn’t be depending on Throughtek or have issues supporting desktop viewing). Anyone know more?


bummer design flaw… going forward hopefully it will be supported in future gens, ram is cheap as dirt new design will hopefully have more! hell i’d pay 25 for that! and I get it that there is an ironing out process where these things come to light Wyze makes great products for the value


You need only two things for me to be happy - stable as a rock RTSP and make sure the night mode automatically still works. Everything else is candy.


Port forwarding direct rtsp streams is not recommended at a security risk… you might instead want to use a vpn to authenticate you into the network and then use the rtsp stream.


Well, they are not really the regular user and it would be wasteful for wyze to waste resources on a limited number of advanced users.


Oh wow… Yeah, is it already there and undocumented? I don’t have a video enabled Alexa device, so I can’t sniff the traffic to see what they do. Anyone out there have one? If RTSP or WebRTC is already there then I’m going to do backflips.


My guess is that if it’s there at all it’s more than just undocumented … it’s probably only turned on in response to a request from Amazon’s servers to start streaming video, i.e. you probably can’t just use it as-is, and the request isn’t something you could fake easily either. Wyze would have to decide to allow others to use it.

I don’t have a video-enabled Alexa device either, or I would have tried to check this myself.


I think they set up the stream on their end in the cloud. there was some discussion on the Google Assistant thread about how they need to do this in the cloud as not enough horsepower locally to convert the stream. Alexa and google use different protocols and formats but doubtful the wyze native out put is suitable without out some transcoding or re-encapsulating.


I would love RTSP but local network wouldn’t really be great for me. I have a mix of cameras at two locations and I’ve been using IP Cam Viewer on android for years for it’s support of a “billion” different cameras and it’s very quick grid view of my live cams. I would either want to have RTSP so I could use something like I’m using now OR have a quick live grid view of all my wyze cams instead of having to drop into one then drop into another…


Thanks for the pointer. I found that thread and they do indeed serve RTSP from the cloud. (It’s unfortunate that your video has to go to the cloud and back for you see it on a local device.) I asked on that format what the Wyze internal format is, although, as you said, it may not be something standard.


Believe TinyCam app is accessing the cams just via login to your Wyze cloud account just like the native Wyze app. Notice you have to provide your cloud account credentials. Either TinyCam reverse engineered to accomplish what they do or they have a relationship with Wyze which gives them access. Hope its not the later, since TinyCam is such a bandwidth hog and clumsy app in general. My preferred phone app instead of TinyCam is IP Cam Viewer by Robert C…