Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Me neither as the Wyze Cam connects to the router first so wouldn’t it be the routers firewall?

In theory that’s how its supposed to work but given the patch work rtsp it’s anyone’s guess whats actually happening.

Making the exception does improve stability even though on it’s surface it shouldn’t.

There a spike in the data when they disconnect happens. Could be the phone home or merely garbage coming form the patchwork firmware.

We can guess all day long but the only thing we know for sure is the firmware doesn’t work as its supposed.

Firmware works great for me but it may or may not have downfalls. I’ve seen it work great over wifi then fail later which makes me lean more towards bandwidth issues. I have the camera running on it’s own router connected directly to blue iris and it works great therefore not putting stress on my network or on my router. Now with Wyze Cam not connecting to the internet I believe it opens resources on the device as it’s not phoning home anymore.

Or it could be something to do with the software so until we can get a better look we guess.

How many drops do you get a day?

Can be fairly sure its not bandwidth since our internal setup is a little over to the top.

Roughly one a hour .

What is you’re setup?

So what happens when the cameras lose power? At reboot, don’t they need to contact the Wyze servers?

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When the camera reboots, It reboots fine and blue iris grabs the feed fine.

Blue iris (most recent)

Ryzen pc 16 gig

13 cameras ten of which are poe.
3 wyze cameras

Fibre internet into a pfsense
10 gig network
Three access points

Was my first thought except the disconnection is basically at the same time.

Possible they are rebooting at the same time but not likely they all do it repeatably all the same time.

I had to create a new account because it said I couldn’t post anymore for a new user, do you have discord because I don’t think mine is a bandwidth issue either and I can replicate it for you.

Interesting. My understanding is, at some point, they’ll need to “phone home” and, with your configuration, won’t be able to do so. Not sure what happens then.

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When the issue happens, connect an ethernet cable into that router from the main network and reboot the wyze cam? But I haven’t had to do that and most of my drops are from testing. It’s been 3 days and I just rebooted the camera and it still connects fine.

I am a noob, and visual. After a network change over a year ago, my Cams have been very unstable, and can’t get all 6 of them to connect/display at the same time on Synology Surveillance Station, and they drop a rediculous amount of frames.

With my current setup, they are connected to the same AP as everything else. Should I connect them to a different Router and SSID on the same network, and if I do, how do I stop them from accessing the internet? Should there be a way to block them on Router 2, but still allow the VoIP phones to access the internet?

Could you potentially put the ssid under a different subnet then route the traffic only to synology? How I’m doing it is I have a Dell R710 server with 4 gigabit ports running Blue Iris, Port 1 is my main network and Port 2 is that second home router “Asus RT-N53” that has 1 4mp poe camera and 1 wyze cam v2. Port 1 is in the subnet and Port 2 “Asus RT-N53” is in the That way the cameras go directly to the server and no where else. Asus RT-N53 cannot comminute at all with the internet because the adapter is not sharing the connection with port 1 but blue iris can still reach the other subnet because it directly connected to the server. I can still view all my cameras over the subnet through blue iris rtps server.

If you avoid using DHCP and assign them manual addresses perhaps you can just set them with an incorrect gateway address to prevent them from reaching the Internet. Or you could block them at the router.

There’s no way to assign static ip to these cameras.

These offered solutions are overkill in my opinion, one shouldn’t have to go to this length to have a camera work properly. It’s great to see these options/bandaids but if wyze would get their act together and fix the Rtsp implementation none of these things would be required.

I don’t know the blue iris had issues disconnecting when other manufacturers cameras “called home”. Which cameras are those, this is interesting info.