Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)



This sounds like a workable solution for those wanting RTSP. I would prefer not giving up motion tracking and 2 way audio, but if there is not sufficient firmware space or processing power to retain those features, it’s a good compromise.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to keep others from having RTSP, but the purpose for me would be to have the motion tracking, the ability to move manually (PTZ) alongside RTSP.

I know others have already flashed your cameras with an RTSP firmware so having you replicate that doesn’t really help much.

Thinking it through though, I’d be willing to give up recording for the sake of RTSP; as I would record the stream in some other way.

And by the way. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for even entertaining a customer requested feature. :slight_smile:


I would love this feature, I just bought 4 cameras on your promise to deliver it at some point.


The main draw for me with RTSP is

  1. being able to store event recordings longer than 12 seconds (or even continuous recordings) in storage that I own such as a NAS.
  2. Being able to view all camera streams at once like on a dashboard
  3. Being able to store videos even if Wyze servers are offline or if my internet connection goes down (due to an intrusion attempt for example).

I’d like these in addition to all of the other WyzeCam features, such as notifications, IFTTT support (for location-based notifications), two-way audio, and the regular off-site 12 second recording storage.

Therefore, I’d be much more interested in having RTSP support added to the main firmware branch than being delivered in some other feature-crippled branch.


I own three houses, one I rent out so I don’t worry about the security there as it is occupied all the time. I do however own a home that is pretty much in the forest and sits unoccupied for long stretches(I’m normally up there on weekends). This is where I recently had a large enclosed trailer stolen from the yard(on property at least, 2 acres). Someone in my neighborhood in the city suggested cameras and I was skeptical because the last cameras I had up there one by one all failed in a year(8 total). So far the Wyze cams I have up there are better quality and do more than the last set I had but my only complaint with them is the lack of RTSP support. I think like has been said above and below, if we have to give up some features that are gained back by other software anyway, who’s at a loss here?

My only question is, for the people who may not want it, can the firmware be flashed back to regain the features lost if the end user doesn’t like the RTSP?


I bought a WYZE V2 from an Amazon seller who claimed it could do RTSP. Since it can’t, I’m returning it.

Without ONVIF or RTSP, a wireless camera is a cute little toy, but not something anyone who is serious about security cameras should ever buy.


… And where, do you think WyzeCam is made?


Did you have a point here?


Here is why RSTP could be useful to you.

Using WYZE CAM V2, CanI record to local personal cloud storage on my network?

Clearly I do, and I thought it was pretty obvious. But I’ll spell it out for you. You said you want to

REPLACE my Chinese cams with WyzeCams

Xenophobia aside, WyzeCams are cheap Chinese cams. So your objective makes as much sense as “trying to replace all your cars with four wheeled vehicles”.


While I get your point. What I have noticed is a lot of people want to replace cameras sold by Chinese companies direct to consumer (such as the hundreds available on Amazon and eBay) since they have more faith / trust in an American (or non-Chinese) company to protect them (with their own firmware) even if the hardware was built in China.


If you are so fancy to have multiple homes, why dont you get a proper security system?


Ah, I see. You’re looking for a debate. Sorry, no time to play with you. Grown ups are speaking.

(BTW, did you even look at my avatar? Or did you just learn xenophobia and wanted desperately to use it?)


Exactly. Spot on. I’m currently swapping Wanscams and the like. And it’s less a matter of trust as it is accessibility to resources, active firmware development and commitments. The companies you describe put a model out, then abandon it completely because most of them buy a single production run and then rebrand it. Forget about updates or documentation; they’re nonexistent.

They were a cheap entry point for my home automation system and a way to get monitoring at a low enough price to feasibly cover my areas. Now that Wyze has come along, I’m steadily replacing them. Still stuck with the low end for my outdoor cams as I’m not convinced that I can trust them outside. If (when?) Wyze introduces an IP65 cam, I’m jumping on them.

Wyze, even with stock firmware, still fits into my HomeAssistant setup (thanks to TinyCam Pro support) and I still get Alexa show support as well. That’s better than my older Arlos that are always a crap shoot on whether they’ll actually connect to my Show or not. My Wyzecams consistently do and that’s why I just bought three more.


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How do the cams with Home Assistant? I have looked into Home assistant a bunch of times, never wanted to make the jump, but also looked to see if they had Wyze Cam support and didn’t see it listed when I last looked about a month ago.


There is a thread in the #roadmap section to vote for Home Assistant support (not to be confused with Google Home Assistant). But there’s a thread for that too.


Purchased 1 cam to try it and i like it, but this will be the only one for now till RTSP is added. I hope motion tracking and 2 way audio will stay with it as are good features. If RTSP is added then will buy more and add to my Blue Iris system.



yes I’m super fancy. The house I live in is 1400sf, the one I rent is 1100sf and the one I have the cameras at sits on 2 acres and costs less to buy than a new F150.

Location is key. Price points are key, these cameras fit the bill for most of what I wanted in the forest.

I love the timelapse feature too, only disappointed that I can’t download the timelapse from a different network.


Totally agree. Thanks.