Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

True that. Now it’s a better deal. At the time I got Gdrive that wasn’t the case. thx

Is UDP an option in BlueIris? That was the key for me to get it stable in iSpy.

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What is latest rtsp version ?



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I came poking around looking to see if there is an update to RTSP firmware. I really don’t like this software they use for the forums, makes things really hard to find. But it would be helpful to have version number reflected on the official RTSP page. instead of links pointing to downloads. Or a files repository with all the version available in one place to test.


Just purchased 7 V2’s, new user… Tried the beta and the RTSP firmware. Setup/firmware update went fine but I just can’t get a reliable connection with RTSP.
I tried VLC first:
It disconnects and from watching the time(lower right hand corner from the wyze cam) it skips back a few seconds then forward etc while viewing. Green screen. Won’t stay connected reliably, and the quality is nowhere near the wyze app stream.
Downloaded the source and ran in Visual Studio. Connected wyze cams, UDP(no resize) - it does the skipping back a few seconds, freezes and resumes. Also green screen randomly. Quality not as good as the wyze app stream.

It just seems like the cameras don’t have the horsepower to serve RTSP, or not with all of the other stuff going on already.

-RTSP only firmware or a toggle to say you cant run this and these other things together. Maybe bring back to main branch and include a toggle with prompts like "Can’t run RTSP with person detection and whatever else… or allow users to check what options they want and be transparent about % of resources that those options consume.

-Desktop app (java or some cross platform) that uses same method that the wyze app uses. Maybe include something in that which serves up RTSP from the desktop for those that want it?

I’m going back to stock firmware for now and hope to be surprised in a future release… Just wanted to share my experience.

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Thanks for the version number update, since my V2 cam vers is no no longer alerting me of events, I’ll give the
newer version a try to see if it fixes this problem.


I am still confused about RTSP could someone please explain? I have heard that you can view on computers. I have heard it doesn’t work. I have heard that once you install it you cannot install anything else. Which version is RTSP anyway?? I’m so confused.



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Jumping back into this thread. Is person detection still not available with the RTSP firmware?

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Person detection on the latest production works 25% of the time. The Amazon guy showed up as motion again. Oh well.

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I am not an expert, but I have played around with IP cams for years.

I have 8 wyze cams, mix of pans and v2’s. So far I have tried the rtsp flash on 4 of them with very mixed results. I have only gotten one of the cams to actually pull the stream into Blue Iris. The one that works is a V2, and works great, no problems. Flashed and setup in BI in a matter of minutes.

One of the v2’s wont even Flash. Then I have one V2 and one Pan that don’t seem to have flashed correctly or something. I tried resetting and re-flashing them, but no luck. The rtsp port 554 is not responding, I telnet’d them. The one that works connects telnet, the other two time out.

Anyone have any advice for flashing or resetting these things???

Is the process of flashing to the RTSP firmware reversible? If so, how do I reflash the camera to restore its original Wyzecam functions?

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