Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Not very likely. See this:

Yep, this is the direction I like to see the WYZE Cams going. I’ve bought one to try out but I can’t fit it into my current system that uses P2P/UID/ONVIF. The Wyze cam is just an odd ball security cam that won’t work with my phone app HiCam or Windows HiP2P app so I just keep it monitoring the lesser important areas of my home. I have 2 homes to monitor so the P2P access makes it so convenient relative to what I have to change on the routers and firewalls. Recently I’m seeing a need to babymonitor my aging relatives. It would be fantastic if the WYZE cams could add these components. My replacement security cams are now in the $31 range for 1080p 2mp P2P OnVIF RTSP wifi & ethernet. It’s just so close to WYZE cam V2 costs that I’m tempted to replace everything but I’d loose my android phone access to the cams when I’m away from the local lan of each home. Recording for 14 secs for each event has not been good enough for me since my RTSP continous NVR recording was able to capture the entire incident of some breaking into my house.

Demo V2 was released 5/10/19 in this very thread. It’s an improvement in some ways and not in others. It’s the only one that works for me but it’s spotty (When an object enters the frame, it freaks out, camera disconnects at random, and I wish bitrate was higher.) but overall it’s functioning.

It would be nice to turn off all of the Wyze app functions to avoid any cpu overhead from that portion, but thus far the best you can do is disable motion detection, tagging, and recording.

Hello everyone, thank you for all the feedback during beta testing and the patient waiting since then. We are in the final phase of troubleshooting all the reported issues of RTSP. The update is currently in QA and 5 minor integration bugs remain as of today. I am optimistic that it will be available by this week.


That is awesome news, can’t wait to try the new firmware.

@WyzeArthur - Thanks for the update!

Thank you WyzeArthur!

Will we be able to update through the app or will it require re-flashing?

it would be great if they added a second firmware branch for auto-updating…
but i doubt it.

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Same here with my Blue Iris and also with Home Assistant too.

Any update before the weekend? :pray:

Even if it’s just “Sorry, one of the devs got out of his cage and we spent the whole afternoon yesterday chasing him around the office so it will probably be next week!” :joy:


I wish I spent yesterday doing that. :rofl: Sounds like a lot of fun.
I have the QA cleared firmware for V2 and Pan. But we found a new bug on V2 during a broader internal testing yesterday. We are fixing it and will be releasing both firmware together.


I just installed Beta on my CamV2. I’m using VLC media player and I notice the video looks more like 720p than 1080p and a bit blurry. I have it set at 1080p in the Wyze app. VLC media info shows as 1920x1080. Is this normal or have I missed some settings somewhere? I’m comparing it to my other Cam using the Dafang hack and its sharp. Thanks.

Thanks for the update - yes, and I’d like to throw my encouragement behind making the RTSP branch auto-update as well.

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Thank you for your patience, everyone! We have another RTSP update for you to try. This one is our official release candidate so please let us know how you feel about it and if you run into any issues.



Do you have a link to the change log for this build?

Flashed from and I’m seeing a 4-5 fps improvement in Blue Iris.

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With my 4 V2 camera setup all on the new firmware with Blue Iris, the good news is that I’m not losing camera’s permanently and having to do the “Regenerate URL” several times a day, however over the course of 10 hours I’ve gotten between 500-800 “No Signal” drops per camera in comparison to only 9 total across all 4 of my other non-Wyze cameras on the same WiFi network. Thoughts?

Had you run all 4 of the V2’s on the previous firmware?

How long do the signal drops last or do you need to reboot the cams?

Yes, B1 was great with only 2 V2 cameras running and minimal signal issues, however going to 4 V2 (I think 3 was the magic number where the issues started) cameras would result in the issue with the camera completely dropping out and requiring the “Regenerate URL”. 4 V2 on B1 was fine from a signal perspective too. B2 was a total wash for me running 2 or 4 cameras, so I quickly re-flashed back to B1 and stuck to only leaving 2 cameras running.

No camera reboot is required and the signal is only dropping for 1-3 seconds. It also seems to be happening to multiple cameras at the same time.