Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Update to my 2nd test. Turning ON h/w acc decode to Nvidia on the Wyze cams, and my network hasn’t dropped yet. I still don’t know Why BI would have any control over the network/router, but maybe it’s due to the actual accessing of the RTSP stream over the network. Also don’t know how/why h/w decode would help…anyway, just an update.

I have only one WyzeCam behind my firewall, and it cannot be viewed outside the firewall. Help me work out the tunneling issues please. I use the Untangle firewall, which does use UPnP FWIW. This firewall works very well with my NightOwl camera array as well as several XBoxes the kids have. I am very technically inclined if you want to dig further on this issue.

Update: Internal network routing went down again while in BI RTSP and had to reboot router, other IP’s worked perfectly fine even from same computer. I’ve disabled the wyze
rtsp cams in BI for now (other ONVIF cams are enabled) and will stick with cloud viewing only and see how it goes.

Is any specific format required for the SD Card? I tried two different ones with FAT32, followed the directions, and had no luck getting the cam to the point where it would update to the new firmware…

Just the standard FAT format. I used a Wyze 32 GB. What size were your cards?

I’m over the whole RSTP issues. I need “security cameras” to be consistent. When will we be able to get the stream to not check out randomly? … Yes I am so frustrated I started buying a different camera vendor at 4 times the price to have consistency…

In another thread:

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Dude, I’m not using a Raspberry Pi. I have a gen8 i7 NUC w/ 32gb of ram running a very lean Debian 9.9. I put hardware behind this solution for a year. I am also on the v2 build (demos_V2_rtsp_4.19.4.48.bin). As I am writing this I watched 2 of my 7 cameras drop their RTSP streams. I would pay more for a camera that is stable with RTSP, FFMPEG or ONVIF (especialy for the PTZ cams). In my house we have relegated the WYZE Cams we have to projects and Dog Cams because they are do not provide a stable stream to our NVR. This could be solved by beefier hardware or by publishing APIs to the cloud service that the mobile App uses. I realize there is a cost to everything, and I am cool with paying for the stability, Even if its with a different vendor. My Hikvision cams and my Unifi Cams never drop. At the end of the day i own about 10 cams that I will use in different project oriented ways, Just not for use cases where I need to access outside of the mobile app or is I need a stable stream that I know will stay up.

For what its worth… I would grab a couple more WYZE Cams i they brought the black ones back… :slight_smile:

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My point was that others do it with minimal hardware.

I used to use a Raspberry Pi as well until i re-purposed most them as remote sensor arrays, To your point minimal hardware can work but only to a point. I just think WYZE could offer more. I saw an interview with the Sphero guy that made me think about WYZE. They are largely selling what looks like Private branded Xiaomi or Tuya hardware with custom code but they will reach a saturation point with out a renewable revenue stream like a cloud service or billable API which really helps out the single board guys and helps the platform and the company grow. Look I am excited to see where they take this with the announcement next week, but to get back on track… No one on the forum is trying anything I haven’t already tried including full on roll your own code. Its the hardware… Its really small and unless you junk half of the stuff to support the mobile management, add httpd and MQTT for control (sensor alerts), and maintain your own build your never going to get there completely with the WYZE Cam in its v2 form. I did use one this spring to monitor some robin eggs… :slight_smile: Have an awesome holiday weekend!! :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:

Hi cdrom. Wyze never advertised or called the cams a ‘security camera’ and I read somewhere a while back that it was suggested not to use them as such. I assumed because they knew they wouldn’t work well enough or be reliable enough for what would be expected out of a ‘security camera’. However I would say they work ok enough for a ‘monitoring camera’.

I found the section I was talking about…

The products and services are not intended for use as security or life safety devices or services (such as a burglar alarm or monitoring system). Please do not rely on the products and services for any such critical uses. Please read the disclosures about this in sections 3.B and 3.C below as you are acknowledging and accepting them.



I get he said "security Camera " but that’s really not the point. From what i have read he’s dedicated time and money to help his wyze cams run. I can totally relate to his frustration. I’m a handy guy i love building rather then buying and these things have me close to dumping them. I overhauled my entire network and built an entire rig ( i5 , 32gb ram and 1tb ssd ) Just to get them to drop once or twice a day. I’m cool with trying up and coming products and I’m patient BUT the same issues exist today as the day i flashed my first Wyze

I totally agree with you. Was just providing info.

I’ve been fighting with Wyze from the beginning with things that don’t work properly.

Meanwhile they release new products and their original products still don’t work like they should.

It wouldn’t be fare for me not to comment even when Wyze is technically not the bad guy. Just sayin.

David Bush

So this is where the branch begins. One road goes to the RTSP firmware with little to no support and the other eliminates RTSP and gives us a stable firmware with person detection…

Will we be getting person detection at some point on the RTSP firmware?

This is the official statement from Wyze. "Note - Since Edge AI relies on up to date firmware, this service will not work with cameras running the Wyze RTSP firmware."

Thanks for that, hopefully they eventually update the RTSP firmware as well.

any news on an updated version of the rtsp firmware?